Saturday, March 19, 2005

Selling Art Online

One of the services that we offer at WESTAF is If you're curious, my personal account on ArtistsRegister can be found here. I've sold a bit of work through the register, but some artists are having extraordinary luck selling work online through eBay. CNN has a very interesting article on this trend and the strategies that some of these artists are using to make a living. It seems that those who are being successful are accepting some sales that are way under their own costs because ot/her auctions make up the difference. I know several artists who will work this very way in galleries. They will price one piece of work at a level that will only cover material costs. This means that somebody walks away with a dilly of a deal, but there is a psychological shift in potential buyers when they see a piece has sold.

I find the trend of selling work online interesting. More and more buyers seem to be bucking the popular notion that work needs to be seen in person to buy.

CNN Article


Roku Photobridge (formally HD1000)

One of the projects I've been working on with WESTAF for about 5 years is an application and jurying system for art fairs, shows, and festivals. The notion behind the system is that all fairs ask core information that is common to all other fairs. There is no reason that an artist should have to send that information over and over and over again to multiple shows. In the Zapplication (tm) system, an artist enters this information once and then applies that information to multiple shows. They have a bank of jury images that can be used in any show. We request a high resolution image to be uploaded that is then moved to flash cards to be used in the Roku Photobridge and high end LCD projectors. The Roku is designed to display images on High Definition television sets. The images that are projected are bright, beautiful, and detailed.

Today we're conducting our 9th jury in Minnesota. What an exciting new era we're entering. I'm proud to have a small role in shepherding the process.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

VooM Gets One More Shock

Seems that my post earlier this month regarding VooM's demise was a little premature. The owners, Cablevision had reported that the service was going to be shut down. In one last gasp, a seeming dose of digital atropine has been injected in the fading patient. Last week Cablevision announced that they would keep the service alive at least until the end of the month while they try and arrange an "alternate" transaction to save the arm.

The patient died at 11:02....wait a second, we have a pulse!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Snowy Morning

I posted pictures of mini-daffs flowering in our front yard exactly a week ago. Yesterday I was out with the dogs in a T-Shirt at the agility "farm" working with Seneca (one of our dogs) on her weave poles. It started snowing last night at about 9:30. This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland. Not such a wonder for the plants that thought it truly was spring.

Silly plants...


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