Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Australia Videos

I posted a bunch more Australia trip videos to Revver last night. Most are of the Blue Mountains I have kept them all under 45 seconds--so each should just be a taste of what we saw up there. I am only going to embed one of each series with links to the other videos.

Blue Mountains 5 -- The Three Sisters

Blue Mountains 1
Blue Mountains 2
Blue Mountains 3
Blue Mountains 4
Blue Mountains 6
Blue Mountains 7

Wild Kangaroos--The Boss

Female Kangaroo

Friday, September 08, 2006

Web Site Tester/Tech Support -- Brownrice Internet

A good friend of mine is looking for a part time Web Site Tester and Tech Support person. Job listed below

*** Web Site Tester / Tech Support ****

Brownrice Internet is looking for a multi-dimensional, detail oriented tester to help with our rapidly growing online grant management and artists' application projects.

This position requires good communication, written and organizational skills in order to track, test and report on web-based applications. The ideal candidate would have experience with the grant application process in addition to a high level of competence with computers, email and the web. In addition, this person may be responsible for helping with our web site and co-location hosting services, assisting with customer/technical support. This person should be comfortable with multi-tasking, handling interrupts, and interacting with both technical and non-technical clients.

Typical responsibilities would include:

Test software components for online grant management and artists application projects.

-Communicate efficiently with programmers, programming clients, and hosting clients.
-Solve problems and trouble shoot.
-Share support email and call responsibilities.

This is an on-site position in Taos, New Mexico. Job starts at approximately 25 hour per week (though it may grow to full time). Sub contractors need not apply.

If interested please send your resume (any format is ok with us) to

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fractured Distal Fibula

My wife turned her ankle last Saturday and snapped her fibula near the ankle. OUCH! We went to the Orthopedic Surgeon this morning who recommended, based on Paula's skin sensativity, that he pin the bone back in place. They put a new splint on her leg and sent her on her way.

X-Ray, you can see the bone broken away on the left side at the bottom of the fibula--the long skinny bone in the leg.

Not so good camera phone picture of the bruising that we saw after the splint was removed today.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Revver--First Payment Today

Today Revver transfered my first payment to our paypal account. It just kind of happened. They have made the process so very simple.

I have started documenting the results I get from videos with different content and lengths. I have uploaded 64 clips so far, and from what I can tell the shorter the clip, the more likely it is to get click throughs. When you see the total number of views associated with a video, it only really reflects the number of people who have STARTED watching the video. In order to see the true number of follow throughs you need to go to your account. Unfortunately your account only shows your top five performers. However, if you take note of the number of your video -- For example when you go to My Videos, you can find the number by looking at the URL

and 57515 is the video number.

Then, by pasting it at the end of you can view the stats for each of your videos, even the poor performers. I have found it VERY enlightening. My videos that have made the most money do not have the most number of starts, in fact they have fairly low starts--but there is follow through by the user at the end.

My most recent videos include two kind of creepy experiments--I'd like to see how a radical change in content type affects my numbers. If you're interested...view them below (but not in the dark!)



Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Today I rigged a camera up in front of my steering wheel and started talking. The first dashcam video is not so very interesting, but the format I think has potential. All of us sit behind the wheel and talk to ourselves. Sometimes its in our own heads, sometimes not. The point is, that we say alot of things in our cars that we would otherwise a) not say and/or, b) say, but not as candidly.

If it amuses you, #2 in the Dashcam series. It is about 3 and a half minutes long.

Monday, September 04, 2006

RIAA and Nettwerk Music

The Canadian music company Nettwerk (promoter of some of my favourite acts) has been fighting the RIAA since early in the new year. They have been working on behalf of fans trying to eliminate litigation against fans who share music. I personally have no love for the RIAA. They successfully sued SonicBlue out of existance over Commercial Advance and limited show sharing on ReplayTVs setting the DVR world back in a major way. I believe that an artist has the right to control his or her own creations within reason, but suing individuals isn't going to even dent the problem but will destroy the lives of folk.

Nettwerk clearly wants, and needs, to protect its musicians, so why would they oppose the RIAA's efforts. They created a web site called Save the Music Fan that outlines their position.

Nettwerk has taken it a step further by posting new videos to Revver. They are actively encouraging others to distribute materials. Why? Because they KNOW it will sell records. I can not wait until the new Barenaked Ladies album is released so I can purchase it.

I don't condone stealing music. But all I see happening with the efforts of the RIAA and MPAA is stifling of innovation, destruction of people's lives, and it having very little effect on reducing piracy.

There needs to be a better way...and it isn't DRM.


Barenaked Ladies New Video


I popped onto Revver this morning only to find that Nettwerk Music had posted a new 'Ladies' video to the site called "Easy"

I've watched the video once, and it has an interesting stop motion, paper cutout feel to it with a story book princess dragon motif. It is quite funny in places, well worth the watch.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Octopi are very strange creatures too. This fella was very active.


I'm fascinated by jellyfish, and the Melbourne Aquarium has a very good set of exhibits on jellyfish.

More Videos from Australia

Slowly but surely I am digitizing video that we took and posting them to my account onRevver. They will have playlists at some point and I'll be able to break the videos up into a variety of different groupings. In the meantime, pick what you want and let me know what you think of the mini-clips I've posted. So, a few videos over the next few posts.

The Twelve Apostles by Foot.

This fits in nicely with the helicopter ride of the same amazing landscape that I posted last month.

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