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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are you looking at? It is just a eating me. #halloween #petcostume


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drupal Job Module - take a gander, does a lot of what Jenkins will do, but in a Drupally way. #dbug

BIG sites use Jenkins for deployment. Not really made for the Drupal community, but still works great. #dbug #ned #jenkins

There are hosted services like BrowserMob 4 availability and load testing. The tests in the Selenium grid can run in all browsers. #dbug

You can run these tests from Nagios every few minutes. #dbug #selenium

Ned is doing a quick demo of Selenium - install it on FireFox. Quickly built a test for us. #dbug

It is not sufficient to have up/down messages. You need monitoring with graphing so you can go back and review what happened. #dbug

Nagios - one of the devs started up and forked to sell product. #DRUPAL must not do this and dilute contributions. #dbug #drupal

Infra version controlled - at least put your configs into SVN. #dbug

Puppet and Chef are the leading open source configuration tools. There are no wonderful Drupal-specific tools. #dbug

Infra As A Service - start servers in a moment. AWS and Rackspace. Pricing is cheap. The services are flexible. #dbug

Go to g.d.o and join the DevOps groups if you are interested in this stuff. #dbug

Continuous Integration = ultimate agile. A test server can test your code and tell you if it is broken. #dbug

Ned is focusing on Configuration, Releases/deployment, Testing, and Monitoring. #dbug

LOOK at ITIL - this will outline operations for tech. Google Visable Ops book. #dbug #drupal

What does agile mean to those who build Drupal sites? We need to be quick and nimble. Much of our operations needs to be automated. #dbug

Ned is talking about Agile. #dbug #drupal

Ned, the CTO from AppliedTrust @ Applied Trust is presenting on DevOps. #dbug #drupal

Updated my proposal for #Drupalcon Denver Session premieres @ Drupalcamp Austin. @drupalcondenver #surprise

Interesting news from @DrupalATX for me. Looks like I'll be participating a wee bit more than I expected. #drupalcamp #news

Denver #Drupal Meetup! Looking forward to hanging with the Drupal peeps for a couple of hours. #dbug

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