Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Horrible Tragedy at Home

The worst killings of Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the history of the force occured this past week. I am saddened and feel deeply for those who have lost family and friends. I was watching the National on the Internet last night. About half of the hour long show was devoted to this horrible event.

CBC coverage


Friday, March 04, 2005


I haven't posted any pictures of my artwork in several months. This piece is concrete, plex, copper pipe, acrylic and oil paint, wood, tile and stone on panel. It was shown at Core New Art Space a couple of years ago.

copyright 2002, James Matthew Saunders

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Microsoft Loses Key Windows Architect... Google.

That's gotta smart.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mac Mini VS DIY Windows PC -- A Price Comparison

In an interesting article on, Harry Rider compares the cost of buying a Mac Mini to building your own PC. It seems that finally Apple may have got the right combination of hardware and software at the right price.

Hardware/Software bundle for Mac Mini $499

Hardware/Software DIY PC (with comparable software) $1,022

We'll see how it all pans out in computer sales.
Mac Mini Price Comparison

A contrary point of view was written by Jorge Lopes at Jorge is clearly a anti-mac kinda guy because one of his gripes is that the Mac Mini comes with no Windows XP. Hmmm.... He also points out the Internet Explorer isn't in the Dock, you have to search for it. Given that Microsoft ceased supporting Explorer on the Mac many months ago, this is no suprise.
A Contrary Mac Mini View

I think that PC Magazine gives a nice balanced view.
PC Magazine

Clearly the battle between Apple Zealots and Windows Zealots goes on.

Jef Raskin of Macintosh Dies

Jef Raskin died on February 27th of pancreatic cancer. He was one of the orginal Macintosh interface designers inventing the "Click and Drag". He was not only a programmer, but a writer and sculpter as well. This is a very sad loss.

Press Release

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bluetooth Dongle

To go along with the BlueVoice headset that I bought, I've bought a dongle to use with my cell phone. As mentioned earlier, I have been using the headset for Skype on my laptop and that's worked really very well. I bought a BlueTrek BT07 dongle because it supports both the Treo 600 and the BlueVoice headset. While it is pretty easy to pair the headset to the dongle, the jack at the bottom doesn't quite seat the firmly which isn't so good if you're carrying your phone around in your pocket. My only other complaint is that it appears that you have to answer the phone first and then press a button on the headset to get it to connect to the dongle. I'm sure as I play around with the two of them, I'll find better ways of handling both.

BlueVoice Headset

BT07 Dongle

Cablevision Closes VOOM HD Satellite Service

Not unexpected, but today Cablevision announced it was closing its VOOM Satellite Service. The service had only managed to attract 26,000 customers not making it viable.

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