Saturday, August 08, 2009

Chipmunk! Chipmunk!

Back in 3G range - Within spitting distance of home. Headed to the kennel to get the dogs.

Without Internet for two days and almost no Mobile service. Returning to civilization now.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Heading back to the cabin for our last night at the resort. It has been a great time. I'm looking forward to coming back again. #mtprinceton

New blog post - horseback riding, goats, soaking, kayaks, and art - Mount Princeton Resort. #mtprinceton #relax

Just bought some prints from Linda Frances in Salida. #artwork

Having a very spicy watermelon soup. #migusta #salida

At Me Gusta! in Salida for lunch. Then headed out to some art galleries.

Just finished walking the Arkansas river walk in Salida. It is pretty short-but watching the kayakers was cool. #salida #mtprinceton

Moderating comments on my blog from my iPhone sitting in a rocking chair listening to the river fed by hotsprings at Mount Pleasant. #relax

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Third Post on Mount Princeton Resort in Colorado - - #hummingbird #chipmunk

Busy day at Chalk Lake, Saint Elmo, and Buena Vista. Blog post and photos upcoming. #mtprinceton

Getting ready to go fishing for a little while, have a picnic lunch, and then head to St Elmo - a bone fide Ghost Town. #mtprinceton

Monday, August 03, 2009

Reading "True Patriot Love" by Ignatieff. Dad gave it to me for my b-day. It is speaking to me. #Canada

A family of deer just wandered across our front yard area. #mtprinceton

The folks in the unit above ours brought a dog. They keep leaving the poor guy and he sounds like he is howling for the dead. #mtprinceton

New Blog Post on Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort - #mtprinceton #relax

Uploading photos, checking email, getting dessert after a long day at the resort. #mtprinceton

My lips are burning. #amica's #chilibeer

Drinking a chili beer. Wowsers. Has quite a spicy kick.

At Amica's in Salida. I'm having an IPA with lunch. It's afternoon! #salida

Heading to Salida for lunch. #mtprinceton

Just finished abusing the tennis courts with our pathetic technique. No worries, we had fun anyway. #mtprinceton

First few photos from Mount Princeton Resort - many more to come in the next few days

New Blog Post-Mt Princeton Resort in Nathrop #vacation #personal

At the Lodge in the resort firing up my laptop. #mtprinceton

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Getting a Vanilla and Lavendar Creme Brule and Raspberry and Peach cobbler at the Resort Restaurant. #mtprinceton

We have arrived at Mount Princeton Hot Spring Resort in Nathrop, Colorado. Our cabin is right beside the river. #relax

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