Saturday, April 29, 2006

Roomba Scheduler

Our original Roomba robot vac died a couple of months ago. Best Buy had a great instant rebate deal on a Roomba Scheduler. The orginal Roomba was a fabulous tool. It worked well, although it had a relatively short battery life. Anyway, we bought the new model, which is far better than our original.

1) It has at least twice the battery life
2) When its low on charge, if finds its dock and recharges itself
3) You can set it on a schedule to regularly clean ON IT's OWN.

Very very cool.

I recommend this product to anybody short on time. My parents were here a few days ago...they bought one.


Yahoo Announces DVR offering

Yahoo! announced that they are offering DVR software for PCs. You need a PC with a TV card and it appears that they are giving it away for free. This is all part of the Yahoo! Go suite of products.

I appears that it is based on meedio software--which Yahoo! acquired recently.

Unfortunately there is no support for OSX or Linux.

Still, its free.

17 Inch Macbook Pro

The Intel conversion continues. Apple has just announced the 17 inch Macbook Pro.

I personally wouldn't want a laptop this big. It becomes a pretty significant burden to carry around. If they had come out with the 12 inch model of the Macbook Pro, that's what I would have bought rather than the 15 inch model. For me, mobile computing is just needs to be easily portable.

That said, this is a nice looking book. It includes the FireWire 800 port (which was one of my complaints on the 15 inch model) and a FireWire 400 plus a whopping three USB ports. This laptop really is a desktop replacement.

Macbook Pro

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