Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#Canucks, that is how you take a humiliating drubbing. GOOD JOB. #sarcasm

Monday, June 13, 2011

Know of free or low cost video hosting that will convert .mov files that are larger than 2 GB for you? YouTube 2 GB limit is killing me.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

@beeadb and @jyee - thanks for joining the organizing committee for #Drupalcon CO!

beeradb just got wrangled into being the Special Events C

Asking how to volunteer for Drupalcon CO? Look here: with a link to the volunteer signup sheet. #dcco2011

at the Drupalcon Denver BOF #dcco2011

426 attendees at Drupalcamp CO this year. #dcco2011 - COOL! 108 people signed up in the last week.

WOW 25% of attendees identified themselves as female! #dcco2011

greggles is on stage. #dcco2011

Sitting and waiting for the closing session at Drupalcamp CO - best camp so far folks - thanks for all the hard work! #dcco2011

Just finished at the recruitment BOF - thanks to those who chatted with me about employment at - lets talk soon. #dcco2011

Great lunch today at #dcco2011 - yummy coconut cupcakes. #drupal

OUCH All participants in the #Drupal 7 had to call the "Help Desk" to complete all the tasks. #dcco2011

The confusion of these users - just loading up a new module on a stock #Drupal 7 site is TRAGIC to watch. We need to do better. #dcco2011

Drupal comes across as being limited - and we fail to inform users that it can be extended. #dcco2011 - ouch

In the #Drupal 7 usablity session at #dcco2011 - the good is great, the bad is eliciting pained knowing laughter.

at the "What will this cost" session with the @Lullabots - #dcco2011

Just chaired a BOF at #dcco2011 on Project Management tools. If you want to continue the conversation, hit me up on twitter. #drupal #tools

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