Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bought a grinding accessory for my wife's stand mixer today. Also bought a whack of beef to grind fresh and turn into a meatloaf tomorrow.

Ordering flowers for a friend's family who have suffered a loss. 1800flowers has a great chat service to make the process easy. Mugshot 125

Amused that my iPhone's spell software just "corrected" iPad to uPas.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I so want my iPad.

Pondering the use of the Roku streaming players in adjudicating grants applications that include video for performing arts. #grantmaking

Just finished up a morning scrum call with an @vintagedigital client with hopes to wrap up the project in the next couple of days.

Jealous of my wife and kiddo - wife on compressed day off, kiddo on spring break. #sleepingsoundly #sweetdreams #lovemyladies

Morning came too quickly-I'm making coffee and jumping in the shower-thinking about what D7 and mongodb is going to throw at the team today.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just filed for a postponement of my jury summons for April 29th - what an extraordinarily inconvenient time that would prove to be. Mugshot 124

At the new Wild Bangkok restaurant in Denver. Drupalcon SF - find a flat, save a bunch of money. #drupal

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Mugshot 123

Doing some routine cleanup on - spammers suck.

Pandora is now hooked up on the Roku Player - let the training begin!

WooHoo! Roku Player hooked up to our NetFlix account! This is fabulous, nearly unlimited content on a TV with no cable, satellite.

Our Roku Netflix player came today! Looking forward to setting it up and seeing how good the quality is for the spare/video game TV.

Snow in Metro Denver delayed my getting to the office-but, by gum, didn't prevent it. (Did I just write "by gum"? What does that even mean?)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Discussed membership management for nonprofits at #dbug - short suggestions of using Organic Groups vs CiviCRM. #drupal

Talking about gallery creation at #dbug - views + cck vs custom implementation. Showed my gallery site

Had a pre-meeting at DBUG #drupal meetup in Denver to set up a regional nonprofit to support continuing education in opensource software.

At DBUG #drupal meetup in Denver. With a full blown spring blizzard upon us, I'm not going to last very late I don't think.

Sporting jeans, a dress shirt, a nice tie and a sport jacket. #dressyforthewest Mugshot 122 - Picture Day at Clarity Digital today

Not sure how I missed this, but #Drupal 7 had an Alpha 3 release a few days ago!

Geek humor from FoxTrot comic re: iPad: thanks @nonprofit_tech!

Monday, March 22, 2010 Mugshot 121 33% of one year so far. Setting up a Software Co-op - the beginnings of @VintageDigital

At the Westminster Rec Center wading through my ticket backlog while the kiddo has a class.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dang, I think my DVD drive on my Macbook Pro has died. Another trip to the Apple store is in my near future. The current sticker state of my laptop.

Setting up QuickBooks 2010 for Mac.

New Blog Post Salumeria Italiana launches in Drupal - @VintageDigital assists. Mugshot 120

Watching Ponyo with my family - what a strange little story.

Just started simmering a chicken carcass to make stock with carrots and celery.

Working on prioritizing tasks for a vast Drupal 7 project while listening to the healthcare debate on C-SPAN.

Google docs can be so very irritating when it comes to printing. I've ended up exporting a csv just to get a reasonable output. #fail

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