Saturday, March 21, 2009

New blog post on - Exercise, Patience, and Energy -

Grilling up a late dinner of Bison Burgers.

Finished a draft of slides for GMN Conference on Monday. I'm participating in a panel on Social Media and Grantmaking. #grantsm #GMN09

Thunder in the air? My Seneca-pup just crawled under my desk at my feet.

Screenshots captured, now to integrate them into my "Keynote" presentation's outline. I'm starting to get pretty excited. #grantsm #GMN09

Just went inworld on SecondLife to get a screenshot of the nonprofitcommons. Want to find me? Creech Antwerp is my name. #grantsm #GMN09

Grabbing screenshots like a mad man. #grantsm #GMN09

Thinking about the use of various social media services that can help grant makers and nonprofits work in new ways. grantsm# #GMN09

Continuing to work on the Social Media and Grant-Makers presentation for Monday at the GMN conference in Denver Monday. #grantsm #GMN09

I know this dude! Come to the Wil Key CD party this thurs in Denver.

At the bookstore looking at kids' books.

New member, with questions, on A big welcome to AuntDebbie

Up and making tea. We see an investment advisor this morning who will be giving us advice on saving for our kid to go to university.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Argh! So what the frack IS Starbuck?!

Another long day. On my way home.

Busy day. Lots of great client contact today and an estimate on a large project nearly complete. Still have tons to do in the last hour.

On my way to work. Eager to get down to a new project's planning.

Rocking out with my 8 year old to Ace of Base

Would you consider get satisfaction a social network? How do you think it could work as a tool in the grants community? #grantsm

Today is the first day of spring! I hope it is a happy one for all of you!

Up and about puttering around figuring out the morning. Lots to do today including working through requirements and estimating on projects.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time for bed all. Sleep well.

Right, time to take a break from GMN presentation prep and get on the stationary for 45 minutes. #GrantSM

Flickr Facebook Blogs MySpace LinkedIn, Twitter Digg Yelp Delicious FriendFeed Yelp YouTube Revver Secondlife-what other SM do you use? Why?

I'm going to use #GrantSM for the Social Media and Grantmakers presentation for the GMN on Monday for Twitter users.

Working on my presentation for the GMN presentation next week. Do you use social media for grants making/foundation work? How? Ping me!

Flippin' traffic. Like a parking lot.

Getting out of bed and starting up the tea. I had a bit of a restless night.

Browsing through the TechSoup forums.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On my way home after a very long day at the office. Still have more to do when I get home.

Just added friendfeed to my docket of microblogging tools. Interested in following me there?

Up and about getting ready for the day. I have a client meeting much of the day - a kick off to start architecting a new Drupal site.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Headed to bed rather earlier than I normally would. It has been a very busy few days in fabulous Austin TX. Now time to recharge.

New blog post by 4gifts.from.god on TraumaAdoption - - Why are they so much better behaved for Daddy? It's time for Mommy to take a break!

Back in Denver. Thrilled to be home.

On airplane back to Denver. Good bye #sxsw

Had breakfast tacos while boggling that I've been awake for two hours and is STILL dark outside.

Up, exhausted, but time to head back to Colorado. Good #sxsw.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Went to the Bots party and then to Acquia/Raincity. Ended up at the Hilton bar where @scobleizer sat down with us. Accessible nice guy. +1

Amazing how a shower will perk you up. Pretty much packed up to leave tomorrow morning back to DIA. It was a jam packed #sxsw

The people who are trying to run government are well meaning and have high enough IQs to melt lead. They just don't have the tools. #sxsw

I better not try anything ruinous or dangerous because there is a spectre of what might happen. WE DON'T NEED that. -Sterling #sxsw

Alternate reality housing might be good. Anybody with google juice over $45K, let them have a place for a weekend in Austin for free. -sxsw

We have too many elderly, they will be the backbone of the social web. Pension them off and make them work on free "sh*t".

Urban Micro payments to folks in the city. Get Linux netbooks, give away for free. Give away grant money-try hard and fail. #sxsw -sterling

It is kind of a bad thing when you get practical political advice from a science fiction writer. -Sterling #sxsw

Since Obama, it is suddenly hip to be American in Europe. -Sterling #sxsw

In bad times, help people. Engage in some small act that cheers others up. - Sterling #sxsw

"Injectable chips kill puppies" - Sterling #sxsw

Bruce Sterling likes the hyper-pro-israeli literature. #sxsw

Sterling is talking about HP Lovecraft - apparently he was a "pillar of society" - Anti-semite but also married a Jew.

At Bruce Sterling session. #sxsw

Just finished a lovely meal at Moonshine in Austin with @pingkate and @lauras. Fabu catfish and spicy mac and cheese. At #sxsw? Try it.

Hanging out at the #acquia booth at #sxsw talking about #Drupal, Acquia and @pingV services. If you want to rub elbows, come on by!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grabbing a BLT and a coke. Nourishment!

Amazed at the number of new followers on Twitter over last few days. Tweeting at #sxsw generates interest. Need to write a blog post on it.

Time to find some lunch. Starving #sxsw

Crowds can be right but also can be very wrong. #sxsw

Silver is not a fan of prediction. Stock market is the an uber-prediction market. It is so volatile. #sxsw

Silver talks about economy on his blog because relates to what is going on in the US and world. Not going to make stock suggestions. #sxsw

Silver asked about the Netflix challenge. #sxsw says it interests him.

Silver - reading Nixonland and Irrational Exhuberance. #sxsw

Silver reads a lot of books half way through. Silver invites you to do the same with his book when it comes out. #sxsw

Silver likes to read three books at the same time. #sxsw

538 is the number of electoral votes in the electoral college - that is the significance of the number. -Silver #sxsw

#swsw What hash tag to ask questions for Keynote via Twitter?

Baseball is the perfect dataset. It spoils you. -Silver #sxsw

Finding a terrorist is like finding a needle in a pile of needles, not a needle in a haystack. - Silver #sxsw

In baseball you can have a perfect dataset, but doesn't work in the real world. Picking out a terrorist is very difficult. #sxsw

"If you know you're going to be wrong, work on your f***ing model" - Silver #sxsw

New York Magazine wanted Silver to predict the Oscars. Looked at stats over the years to create a model. It is like a poll. #sxsw

It is hard to decide if you should bootstrap or go after VC funding says Silver. #sxsw

Silver, "I'm a bit of a compulsive, if I were to get into facebook I'd probably never see the light of day." #sxsw

Would you put your Genome up on the Internet? Silver-Um no. I'm a bit of a private person and surprised by how transparent people are. #sxsw

Nate would like an instant Masters in Computer Science if he could snap his fingers. #sxsw

Cost benefit analysis on human resources - how can you evaluate performance? Do you train a worker? Can stats tell you this? #sxsw

Who is working and where makes differences in Elections. Obama's team was working 24 hours a day. McCain's team knocked off nights. #sxsw

Silver believes that August 2010 will be the shifting point where folks will begin to blame Obama for recession. #sxsw

In Nate Silver's Keynote in an overflow room. #sxsw

Got a creative commons sticker. Psyched.

Headed to the #acquia booth to talk to people about Drupal. #sxsw

What they did and what they are conversations are different. #sxsw You want to have "What they did" conversation. DON'T SPECULATE.

Social media allows you to commiserate with other like-minded folks. #sxsw

On angry asian manputs in Italics "That's Racist" at the end of posts to explain that something really IS racist even when obvious. #sxsw

Check out for podcasts on race. Way to have conversations that need to happen in familiar formats. #sxsw

We have to keep hoping and fighting to do better and better. #sxsw

Racism and Social Media is a very cool panel. Need to bolt to go to the trade show floor. I'm hoping that there will be a video. #sxsw

Using social media to combat racism is like brushing your teeth. You're never done with it. #sxsw

Asking if anything can stop racism is asking the wrong question. Racism will always be embedded in the flawed human state. #sxsw

Social media itself will not stop racism, but can create groups that can chip away at it. #sxsw

Comments become a history - a way to track opinions and engage hate directly. #sxsw

At "Angry Asian Man" the panelist gets hate mail like "Start speaking f**king english". Ummmm...he writes in english. #sxsw

At there are mostly women writing. This has made for both racist and misogynist statements.

Social media is a great media to show how much work needs to be done. Anonymous comments bring out the hate. #sxsw

"Each racist moment is like a snowflake" #sxsw

At the beginning of Racism and Social Media session. This panel is NOT about racism 101 - It is about "Can Social media end racism?" #sxsw

Social patterns has about eight chairs total. What's up with that? Bad planning. #sxsw

Funny. Mountain Dew has set up a living room from the 70's in the arcade. Nothing really going on in there, but Alienware has a very cool looking display. #sxsw

Headed to the arcade to check out the games. #sxsw

Crowdsourcing is a talent finding mechanism. #sxsw

Crowdsourcing is a good way to find designers #sxsw

Crowdspring and Threadless in a vocal smackdown.

In "Is Spec Work Evil" #sxsw and the panelists are mixing it up. Wow the audience is slamming David Carson for arrogance.

Drinking a latte while getting ready for a day at #sxsw - the coffee is critical because my night of sleep wasn't so great. #insomnia

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