Saturday, March 06, 2010 Mugshot 105 Has spring sprung?

Friday, March 05, 2010 Mugshot 104 - iPhone, Facebook, Photo Booth, isn't me

Eachingtay ymay aughterday igpay atinlay. UNFAY!

Hey! My blog post and videos from #ie6Funeral last night were Techcrunched as part of #IE6Funeral video from the @atendesign event. Careful, this is a real tear-jerker blog post. A chapter is ending.

Thursday, March 04, 2010 Mr. IE6 laid in repose @atendesign #IE6Funeral. May he rest in peace and never stir again.

Uploading very dark video from the @atendesign #ie6funeral this evening. I'll post links on my blog tonight! Thanks for the refreshments!

Heading out to the @atendesign #ie6funeral - photos and video to follow.

Congrats to my friends @atendesign on making CNN's front page for #ie6funeral - - Looking forward to tonight! Mugshot 103 - Oh the funeral is tonight. #ie6 #aten

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 Mugshot 102 New blog post on Home Study 1 #fostadopt #foster #adopt

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Mugshot 101

Early to rise meant a cleanup of tickets on #dotproject and a synching of cases in #openatrium. Caught up on email. Mugshot 100

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Mugshot 99

One of the things I love about Olympic Hockey is the 0 tolerance rule for fighting. Clean gameplay rocks.

IT IS OVER! The gold medal just went to Canada! #olypmichockey

OT has started.

I can't believe that we are going into Sudden Death Overtime. The next few minutes are going to be some of the most exciting hockey EVER.

Too bad the US got that goal forcing the game into overtime, but this couldn't be a more exciting game to watch. #olympichockey

OH MY GOSH, the US just tied the game with mere seconds left. This is going to go into overtime. #olympichockey

Less than a minute to go!

Luongo makes a critical save with just over 1 minute left in the game. The US has pulled the goalie! I'm biting my nails! #olympichockey

Less than two minutes left. Will the US pull the goalie?

Two minutes left in the 3rd period! Faceoff n Canadian Zone.

Both teams are generating incredible pressure. Crosby breakaway! #olympichockey

Wow! Great save by Luongo as the puck bounces around. Canada 2, US 1 - 4:54 left in the third period. Amazingly fast and exciting game!

Team USA is starting to play more aggressively, using defense as offense. 12 minutes to go, Canada 2, US 1. #olympichockey

And the 3rd period starts! Still 2-1 for Canada. #olympichockey

2nd period seemed a little less smooth than the 1st period. Way more puck smacking and less passing. Still, tons of energy. #olympichockey

And the US gets a goal. 2 to 1 for Canada. The US is still in the game. #olympichockey

Great powerplay killing by Canada.

2-zip for the Canadians! #olympichockey #joy

Sitting on the chesterfield with my laptop watching the Gold Medal game in Olympic hockey. #likeheaven

1 nothing lead for Canada at 7:10 left in the first period. #olympichockey

I am getting really excited for the US/Canada hockey game in 20 minutes! #vancouverolympics

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