Saturday, April 11, 2009

Like the convenience of microwave popcorn, but not the cost? Paper lunch bag + popcorn + salt + 1 tbsp olive oil = inexpensive corn joy.

Watching Underdog with my family on Netflix Instant. Cute film.

Pleased with the purchase of a little ASUS netbook. $175.00 on sale at #target. Light and tiny, perfect for conferences.

Asus netbook reduced to $175.00. Can't resist... Perfect for blogging...

Asus Eee netbook at Target only $212.48 - Linux based. I want.

Looking for Metro Map of Paris? #drupalcon I believe the closest metro stop to the venue is Port D'Orleans on line 4.

Some economic good news for the Smithsonian -

My wife and I are starting to look for apartments in Paris for #drupalcon in September. Anybody know how good the public transport is there?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dang it. My power supply for my Macbook Pro just died. Need to go to the Apple store today for a replacement. The thin cord just fell apart.

#drupalconparis Sept 1-5 at Maison Internationale de Paris - Sessions 1-4 and Sprint on the 5th

Thursday, April 09, 2009 is naked no more. Just reapplied its theme - hopefully naked css day didn't irritate too many people.

Heh, naked CSS day today and - Nonprofits and Web 2.0 ( gets more traffic than yesterday. Go figure.

Another Public Foster Adoption site on - - Minnesota #foster #adopt #fostadopt

I've just added TX Dept of Family and Protective Services to #foster #adopt

I'm psyched. Taxes have been filed!

I'm participating in Naked CSS day. Are you?

It was a great #DBUG #Drupal meetup in Boulder last night! The next one in Boulder will be at the Colorado Building in the new @pingv space!

Health, Human Services, Cultural Organizations Employ 15 Percent of New York City Workers -

Today, apparently, is CSS Naked Day -

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Perusing the Techsoup Emerging Tech forums for a little bit before heading to bed.

New Fost/Adopt Service on - - Oklahoma

Chapter 6 of the Bots book "Using Drupal" is spot on. Makes workflows easy to understand and accessible. is grateful to the Orphan Foundation for linking us on

And Faith Based computing comes up at the #DBUG meetup. #drupal

@zarabadoo is done his presentation. Now @cyberswat is setting up for his presentation on imports.

"Drupal was never intended to to 3,4,5 subthemes - it begins to crawl" -@ultimateboy #DBUG #Drupal

@zarabadoo mentions that he identifies alternate templates in preprocess for IE 6. Lets PLEASE let IE 6 die already! #DBUG #Drupal

"The power of preprocess is to limit the number of template files you need to create." - Ultimateboy #DBUG #Drupal

New Success Story on - - Truth and Consequences

#DBUG There are about 20 folks at this LAST Drupal meetup at @pingv's offices on Pine. No worries, the office is just moving down the street

@zarabadoo is going to give an overview of his new-ish base theme called "Studio".

One of the attendees at #DBUG announced that she has been using Drupal since Monday.

#DBUG Introductions at the meetup.

At the DBUG #Drupal meetup in Boulder at the @pingv offices. Two planned presentations - one on theming and one on imports.

A 404 error (page not found) that we can all love -

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Browser testing a Drupal site for a client that lives on multiple web servers.

Calliflower - Flat Rate Conference Calls - - From iotum, my brother's company.

Gay Marriage legal in Vermont -

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sending out email on behalf of - working on building a larger community.

Watching "24".

After a couple of extra hours of working on client architecture at home, time for me to relax for a little bit and then head to bed.

My avatar has gone "poof" on Twitter. What gives?

After a little lunch and a fresh cup of tea, back to the process of working through wireframes.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Night all. Time to head to bed. I have a busy week coming up. #sarahconnor

"It is possible Heaven has a hardware problem." - John Henry #sarahconnor

A New Blog Post - Acquia Drupal - ridiculously easy way to setup Drupal locally -

Just realised that my first post on my personal site 2 years 22 weeks ago was titled "Using Drupal" - - Heh.

New Blog Post on - A YouTube video that explains RAD in still images and text -

Back to reviewing wireframes and annotating as needed. I love it when a client provides a clear vision of what they want.

New Event on - Post Institute Seminar in Denver, CO -

New Blog Post on - Two Videos from the Post Institute -

My wife brought me home a triple shot latte. Now my headache is gone!

It has started snowing, again. Spring in Colorado is most interesting.

Continuing to review and annotate client wireframes for a massive Drupal site.

Catching up on last week's work. The week got away from me and I'm on a deadline.

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