Saturday, March 07, 2009

Back in Denver.

On plane headed back to Denver from #drupalcon. Looks like it will be pretty full. I'm going to write a little on the flight.

On amtrak to BWI. Goodbye DC. #drupalcon was fun.

Packing up at #drupalcon with just a little bit of sadness. However, I get to go home and see my family who I badly miss.

Hanging with the documentation sprint peeps at #drupalcon rolling comments into nodes as appropriate. Thinking about heading to BWI soon.

At Lincoln's Waffle Shop for breakfast before heading to the sprint. #drupalcon

Time to pack and head over for the documentation sprint at #drupalcon. I'll help out for a few hours, but then off to BWI and home.

Looking for the #Drupalcon group photo in DC this year? There are a lot of us!

Seems like fewer photos were taken (or at least uploaded to flickr) this year at #Drupalcon. Using the tag drupalcondc2009 I only see ~800.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Drupalcon Paris will have Daycare facilities planned out! Yeah! #drupalcon

Drupalcon North America 2010 is being planned out now. If you want it in your town talk to the Association soon. #drupalcon

Drupalcon Paris will be in the first week of September in. #drupalcon

60 videos are already up and running for #drupalcon

#drupalcon closes with +$100K in the bank.

Here for the closing presentation at #drupalcon. Will it be declared "The best Drupalcon ever?" Has been for the two others I've been to.

Boggling. Sitting in the last panel slot at #drupalcon and wondering where the week went.

At a comparison between Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal at #drupalcon

At the Drupal for Enterprise session by @mettamatt and @mcaccavano #drupalcon .

My Live-blogged notes from Chris Messina's Keynote today at #drupalcon

thanks @chrismessina! That was an enjoyable keynote! #drupalcon

Transparency – The government has come out of 8 years of opacity. Open Source knows more about transparency than anybody else. #drupalcon

“Twitter is social grooming” #drupalcon

Sitting in the the back of the big conference room waiting for today's Keynote. #drupalcon

In the D.O. redesign session. Enjoying listening to both @markboulton and @leisa. Q and A happening now.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Headed to Clyde's for the Black Mesh reception. #drupalcon

At Drupal 7 and the Future talking about issue queues and allowing designers to submit solutions as images. #drupalcon

Hanging out in the Usability Testing session. #drupalcon

Hanging out in in the "Documentation is Hot" session. I'll be at the documentation sprint on Saturday. How about you? #drupalcon

My notes from yesterday's Drupal 7 Changes session - - #drupalcon

My notes from yesterday's Acquia Update at #drupalcon

What a cheery day in DC! The sun is bright-though it still looks cold out there. More #drupalcon today.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ate frog for dinner. Tastes like very bony chicken.

At the Full Kee restaurant in China town DC having dinner. Great egg drop soup and dumplings. #drupalcon

Almost time for presentation. #drupalcon

iPhone out of juice. Using iPod for tweets. #drupalcon

Oh Internet, where have you gone? #drupalcon

My Drupalcon DC flickrstream - - #drupalcon

New blog post on - - Creating a Behaviour Log

Just finished attending the Acquia presentation. Now at the Drupal 7 presentation by @add1son.

#drupalcon #KDI 6 projects selected at a total of $485K+ Congrats to @add1son, Bill Fitzgerald, Dave Cohen, Nick Vidal, Rob Loach, Dev Seed.

Jose Zamora on the stage from the Knight Foundation. #drupalcon

And Dries' Keynote is done. Go forth and change the Web! #drupalcon

#Drupalcon “The web isn’t all that old yet … … can you imagine what it will look like in another 20 years?’

#Drupalcon Improvements to Drupal 7 include better file handling and fields in Core.

#drupalcon Usability is better, but not yet good enough.

#drupalcon Folks are frustrated with usability in Drupal still. Community needs to continue improvements.

#drupalcon Hmmmm....bacon and cake.

#dries #drupalcon "First $10,000 donated, then free hosting, then free server. Holy shit, what's happening?" The community pulled together.

New site will have cool features like Solr search and a drag and drop dashboard.

#Drupalcon - Facial hair increased over time from Drupal's public inception. #Dries

Settling down for Dries' Keynote at #drupalcon

"Don't use enums in your API or a angry puppet will give you the finger" #eaton #drupalcon

"Code is a user with no hands" #eaton #drupalcon

#drupalcon Apparently Elmo has never written code worth crap.

Off to #drupalcon! Looking forward to a fun day.

Good Morning! Looking out the window of the flat, looks like it is a cold (but gorgeous) day in DC. I'm looking forward to a productive day

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gueuze Fond Tradition - take the enamel off my teeth! Horsey and Barn-like. Wet blankets and tart!

La Botteresse next. I have never tried this beer. Leather and chocolate. Yum!!!

Kasteel Tripel next. Lordy I love Belgian beers.

At Brasserie Beck. Just ordered a La Chouff golden ale from Belgium. Mussles for dinner. With the #pingV crew. #drupalcon

We at #pingV have been out grocery shopping for our #drupalcon pad. Shortly we're heading out for dinner with @lauras and @pingkate.

Train from BWI to DC arrives in five minutes. Painless. #drupalcon

At BWI. Now to find the train.

Thank goodness for economy plus.

Standing at the gate for BWI. And is boarding on time!

Security at DIA was easier than normal. Hopefully a portend for an easy trip to #drupalcon

The morning dash to the airport begins. #drupalcon here I come. Step 1, check flight schedule.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Hrm, with my limited space-I need to bring my winter coat to DC for drupalcon-I'm trying to decide on which shoes.

Packing my bags for my travels to #drupalcon tomorrow. I am very much looking forward to the conference in DC!

John Temple to leave E.W. Scripps as the Rocky Mountain News closes.

Getting out of bed and making some tea. I'm feeling pretty chipper today. Lots to do in the office before packing tonight for #drupalcon.

Look at the time. I think I need to head to bed.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another new little Flickr set - - The Denver Home and Garden Show

New little Flickr set - - Sushi I Made!

New Foster/Adoption Service on - - Nebraska

Feeling like a human being again. Lungs are still feeling the brunt of my wee battle but a day of doing virtually nothing physical was good.

Using Flickr in Presentation Slides - - A New Blog Post

Draft for the casestudy/showcase Keynote presentation at #drupalcon is done. Now for refinement with the team! I am excited.

Figured out how to get the printer work on the Airport Express. Now the printer can live well away from my computer and play with others.

Downloading iWork for Keynote. We'll see how it a) imports what I've done in powerpoint for #Drupalcon and b) how it compares to powerpoint.

Well enough to work on a powerpoint for #drupalcon DC.

Today is going to be a quiet day of catchup from two and half days of near zero productivity. The flu sucks.

I'll never fly Ryanair if this comes to fruition:

Still draggy. This crud started on Wednesday, hit me like a bomb Thursday, spiked Friday, started getting better Saturday, lingering today.

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