Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meltdowns starting. :( Oh Japan you have my prayers and thoughts. You'll also have some of my money.

Sleeping in my own bed last night was fabulous.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My few photos from #drupalcon chicago

Just set up my free cloud hosting account from #drupalconchi - THANKS VPS|NET

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who decided the asterix means required? #drupalchi

In the Thursday Keynote with Jared Spool at Drupalcon Chicago. #drupalchi

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In an SEO session at #drupalcon chicago. #drupalchi

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The "ocracy" has an idea that we are all equal. Drupal IS NOT a democracy. In the Drupal community we are a do-ocracy. #drupalchi

We need to accept that a decent sized project must have a core group to make sure the community thrives. #drupalchi #addison

A clique is exclusive and non transparent. Complete exclusion. #drupalchi

Core Group vs Clique - as a community grows a core group emerges - they take on responsibility and roles. #drupalchi

Open source tends to react badly to authority. #drupalchi

Politics and Authority - core group vs clique. do-ocracy, metritocracy, democracy. Yertle the Turtle is about Hitler and authoritarian rule.

We should acknowledge that both professional and personal identities are critical within the #drupal community. We allow for alot of this.

In the open source community - there is the personal and professional identities. #drupalchi

Barriers are not bad - you just need to be aware of them. #addison #drupalchi

Barriers are required for a community to exist. If there is no barrier then there is nothing to identify with. #drupalchi

Red Fish Blue Fish - there is diversity within a community. #drupalchi #drupalhealth

Addison talking about Anthropology vs Sociology. Likes participant observation-immerse yourself in the culture you are studying. #drupalchi

At Addison's session "Community Health" #lullabot #drupalchi


Web Services, HTML 5, UUIDs and Configuration Management will be the first initiatives and will remove some of our pain points. #drupalchi

Summary - Difference Process, Feature Priorities, improve Ecosystem for D8 #drupalchi

Drupal ecosystem needs to continue its road to professional excellence in the ecosystem. #drupalchi

If you have 2 equally capable platforms, the platform that will be adopted will be the one with the better Ecosystem. #drupalchi

Need better configuration management, exportables, UUIDs, Content Staging. #D8 #drupalchi

Symantec|Connect is on Drupal. Business innovation. Outsourced support to a community of users largely. #drupalchi

House of Reps are changing all 520 sites to Drupal - standardizing to simplify. #drupalchi

Current reality is that many large orgs are using Drupal. house of reps in the US (520 websites - different systems)

Mobile devices are adding simplicity and power. iPhone is the most powerful and easiest cell phone ever - lesson for #drupal #drupalchi

Interoperability is key - we need clean APIs - we need standards based connectors. #drupalchi

Any Information: we connect Drupal with mail, user authentication, commerce, documentation, CRM systems. #drupalchi

D8 must be able to output to HTML, Flash front-end, XML, HTML 5, native app for mobile devices (need Web services). #drupalchi

Mobile devices are now used for "consumer apps" "web and social" and "Enterprise applications" #drupalchi

The web is much much more social today. #drupalchi

Many more datasources now - need to build to these. #drupalchi

Most devices on the Internet now are mobile NOT fixed. If we were to start from scratch today would design for mobile 1st and desktop 2nd.

Tablets and smartphones are growing like crazy. #drupalchi

1995 - 2010 devices shipped. Desktop PCs doubled and then stopped. Samething with notebooks, and then Netbooks, then tablets. #drupalchi

What might the future of D8? "The future is being anywhere at any time reaching any information or people needed at any device." #drupalchi

What makes a good initiative owner? Good organization, communicator, team builder, architect. #drupalchi #d8

For each initiative there will be an initiative owner - mini-co maintainer. #drupalchi

Wants to make sure that at any point D8 will have no more than 15 critical bugs. #drupalchi

D8 will use GIT sandboxes-be pulled into trunk if the change makes it through perf, accessibilty, usability, doc, test, bug gates #drupalchi

Opening up D8 development branch today. But Dries isn't sure how to do branching in Git yet. #drupalchi

Empowerment. Release cycle predictability. High bandwidth communication. Better priorities. Critical bugs. #drupalchi #badjob

Test driven development. Started updating the developer documentation. Usability team. Dev snapshots. Accessiblity. #drupalchi #goodjob

Dries traveled 160K miles, 43 trips, and had 2 homes in 2010 to get feedback from users. #drupalchi

1000 contributors, it looks like a long tail curve. 30 contributors are responsible for 50% of all improvements in D7. #drupalchi

For the first 6 months Dries worked on D7 himself and said to webchick it would be 9 months more. #drupalchi

Dries mentioning that he asked Angie to be co-maintainer for D7 #drupalchi

Dries starts with a "What makes you feel proud" video #drupalchi

Drupal 7 highlights and lots of stuff about what Drupal 8 should be. #drupalchi

VPS|NET is giving everybody here at #drupalchi a free node for life. Cool!

hashtags for Drupalcon Chicago is #drupalchi and for Q&A for Dries #driesnote

At the #drupalcon first keynote in Chicago.

Monday, March 07, 2011

I think it is past time to sleep. See folks tomorrow at the keynote at #drupalcon chicago.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

NO it's not ok to bring many lighters through airport security EVEN IF they are antiques. To the person who made me miss my flight #dumbass

Getting the last few things packed for #drupalcon chicago. Looking forward to a good spell of learning, networking, and reconnecting.

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