Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saved about 30 lbs of tomatoes and two large bags of basil. Have a few peppers and one small courgette. Plus a pumpkin. #autumnharvest

Saving the last of the food in our veggie garden. #autumn

Working on a blog post for - timing will need to coincide with the official launch of a consulting website I helped with.

Friday, October 02, 2009

New Blog Post on - The Kite Runner - #loss #trauma #adopt

The Kite Runner is powerful, sad, happy, horrifying, and hopeful all at once. I've had it from Netflix since Dec-glad and sad I watched it.

Watching The Kite Runner. #intense Smithsonian Offers Buyouts to Employees #layoffs

RT @robertDouglass: #DrupalCon Europe nominations: Berlin, Copenhagen, London! This is YOUR chance to discuss #drupal

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Plants are all covered in tarps. The temperature is dropping rapidly. I'm hoping they survive until I actually have the time to harvest!

Having a late day latte. What am I thinking!? Oh yeah, I'm sleep deprived.

Sitting in a lobby-the first of two this afternoon-listening to my daughter at her violin lesson.

Hey! The nice folks at Divx sent me a shopping bag, lanyard, long sleeved and short sleeved shirt! Thanks!

I'm in QA nirvana today. Everything seems to be working well so far.

Recent upgrade on seems to have changed my settings. I just got a ton of email all at once. #communicationoverload

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fired up the fireplace for the first time this season. Happy for the cheap heat.

Time to turn in I think.

I just realised that between the music classes at school, orchestra, and violin lessons my kiddo is getting music five times a week. RAWKS!

Wow, my kiddo really digs fried spam. I don't think I've ever seen dinner eaten that quickly. Rice, Spam, Soy Beans, Lettuce, and Tomatoes.

I was just SMSing with my wife about the pending #Drupalcon Europe proposals. My iPhone changed @mortendk's name to "Mitten" #iphonespelling

Doing something I don't like-sitting in an office waiting room and the appointment is late! My time is worth something for crying out loud!

According to Google, yesterday was the highest traffic on a single day for If you believe GA 619 visits or AWstats 1277. THX!

Good Morning! Still dark here in Metro Denver-but I have my coffee brewing and I'm getting ready to start the day. It will be a good one.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Blog Post - Traffic, Twitter, Drupal, and Dumb Luck #drupal #twitter #seo #celebrityshoutout

Just posted to #TraumaAdoption Forums - Four Jewish Children in Need of a Forever Home - #fostadopt #adopt

CRAZY-Old post from 06 on brollies at YVR was tweeted by @felixcartal & retweeted by @AnnieMacdj = nutty traffic

Today is my daughter's first day in orchestra!

Midnight-how did it get so late? I think it is time for bed. I need to be up in 5.5 hours. #lifeisbusy

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just finished up a little #drupal project for a friend. Hope he enjoys the site.

Thrilled-2 days left in the month and has hit it's highest traffic for a single month! Thanks everybody who reads it! #webstats

John Mcann writes about making the Arts strong through consolidation and collaboration. What do you think?

Keep the Arts strong in the US. The NEA is up for refunding, contact your congress person. #artsaregoodforyou

Reminder that the Techsoup Global Digital Story Telling Event is approaching! I wrote a bit about it last week:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

And meh - my hope isn't coming true.

Taking a few minutes to check out the nonprofitcommons and make sure no nasty spam has made it through.

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