Friday, July 14, 2006

Holy HOT Batman

On February 18th, I posted a note on how cold it was. It was a particularly bitter day in a series of bitter days. Now I'm Canadian and I know cold. I've lived in the metro Denver region for about 7 years now and have learned a little bit about hot. But criminey, its hitting 100+ for 3 days in a row! For those who like celcius, that's 38 degrees. We have two small airconditioning units. One in our bedroom, and one in the family room. They can't be left in all the time because they disallow locking of the door in the family room.

I feel very very sorry for the dogs. Mind you, they have two Canine Coolers which they do seem to favour an awful lot during the summer.

The crazy thing is that the lows for the next three days are pretty high.

Anyway, its awfully hot. Colorado is a place of extremes.

The Daily Show on Net Neutrality

My brother posted this yesterday to his blog and it made me howl.

The Daily Show

The sad thing is, Jon Stewart is 100% right. His parody is the truth.

Follow the instructions on the screen.... will amaze you. If you are epileptic, don't do it!

very cool illusion.

The Bible According to Lego???

Ok, finding this was a little like being hit by a funny brick.

What a way to bring the bible to life! The site even includes ratings of content--nudity, sexual content, violent, and language...for lego.

I love it.

The Brick Testament

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