Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time for bed I think. @Zarabadoo have a great night drawing!

Watching SNL


Just finished a trip to the Museum of Nature and Science. Kiddo learned about the Inuit.

New Blog Post -- mod_security and Drupal Updates (501 errors) --

Good Morning!

I think it is way past time for sleep. Night all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Being a lump and watching lots of TV tonight. Life on Mars and now Grey's Anatomy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Night all!

Pushing Daisies is a kookie show, but quite lovely.

Updating a Drupal site. Upgrade works a charm locally, but I get: "An HTTP error 501 occurred" on the host. Any ideas why?

just added servicelinks to

is at home after long day. Project management strategies are filtering through my brain.

Drinking tea while getting my kid and myself ready for the day. Morning!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think it is time to head to bed. Night everybody.

New Blog Post: xmlsitemap directory permissions in Drupal.

I appreciate that "Fringe" tells you exactly how many seconds of ads-always in 30 sec intervals-perfect for the quickskip hack on my TiVo. homepage is 404ing.

Some distraction--watching "Chuck".

I think this may have been the best debate so far.

"Go Vote Now, it'll make you feel big and strong" --Shaeffer

"I have been a careful steward of your tax dollars." -McCain

McCain thinks "No Child Left Behind" was a good policy and that it needs to be reauthorized.

"What I want to do is focus on early education and pay teachers more." - Obama.

"What is the advantage of being forced to send a child to a failed school?" --McCain Agreed Mr. McCain, there is no advantage.

"Nobody is PRO-abortion" --Obama

"I don't know how you vote 'present' on partial birth abortion" --McCain

Obama - "R v W was rightly decided."

"I don't believe that anybody who voted for R v W is qualified, but I wouldn't apply a litmus test" -- McCain

McCain, "Senator Government" :)

"Here's your find...0"

Will Obama fine those companies that don't cover employees?

McCain is right that you can't unilaterally renegotiate treaties with other countries.

Why would Joe Biden be better than Palin as Pres? Experience! Why would Palin be better? Cause she's a Maverick!

Oh, man, can't believe that McCain just brought up Ayers...

"What is important is that we can disagree without being disagreeable" --Obama

Very cooly Obama is calling McCain on the Palin rallies where "terrorist" and "kill him" were yelled to justify Congressman Lewis' comments.

McCain is looking a bit twitchy...keeps looking at his sharpie.

Obama brings up the 527s -- Personally I think they should be banned.

McCain blames Obama for the negative tone of the campaign because he wouldn't do town hall meetings.

"Even Fox News disputes it" --Obama on the claim he raised taxes on those who earn less than $42K.

McCain said he can balance the budget in 4 years.

Obama--when Bush came into office we had a surplus, now we have an enormous deficit.

McCain would cut cross the board...with a hatchet? He knows how to cut the defense budget.

McCain really needs to not come across in such an angry way. Is he that angry?

Both candidate's budgets will add over $200 Million to the deficit. Ugh...

How many times can the phrase "spread the wealth around" be used in a single paragraph?

McCain isn't following the rules...

McCain declines to ask a question...but starts talking about Joe the plumber.

Watching the final Presidential Debate

Terrorism in B.C.? RT:

The next Drupalcon is in DC on March 4-7

Making tea and waking up. Good Morning!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looks like Harper maintains control of the Canadian Government with a stronger mandate. New hamster pal.

My wife is out on business, my daughter in bed--supper in her tummy and homework done. The house is silent except for the fireplace crackle.

New MacBook and MacBook Pro out today

Standing in line at the post office. One banker's holiday sure gums up the works.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Just upgraded to Drupal 6.5

Prison Break in the first season was pretty good. The second season was ok. This season is just strange. Columbus/Thanksgiving/Vote

Watching Atlantis.

MacOS security updates. I'm getting up to date.

Morning! Happy Thanksgiving for Canadians and Happy Columbus Day for Americans.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It is supposed to freeze tonight, so we got all the tomatoes and squash out of the garden. Also harvested the basil which I made into pesto.

Making tea, waking up, thinking about the day. Lots to do today including getting everything out of the veggie garden that's left.

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