Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let control be in the hands of others and trust they will do good. #ROI #SXSW

Charity Water had very little to do with the Twestival. Beware that there will be things at the event that have little to do with TW. #ROI

People are so tired of getting a beer for a tweetup. That is so 2008. Have a good cause, and folks will rally. #ROI #SXSW

What are the differences between participation in blood-drives using traditional communication and twitter? How do the numbers compare? #ROI

Microblogging allows folks to create brief messages about blood drives. Twitter was effective in getting donors. #ROI #SXSW

Social is just another way of communicating. Twitter allows folks to communicate cheaply. #ROI #SXSW

Devid Neff - About mobilization.

Are any of you using social media to reduce costs? #ROI #SXSW Yes, the disaster online newsroom is a decrease in people costs. Fewer calls.

Choice of WP was arbitrary. Now stuck with it. #ROI #SXSW

Analyze Results, Glean Insight, and take action. LEARN. #ROI #SXSW

Why did you choose Wordpress over other blogging platforms? #ROI #SXSW

What tools? wordpress, flickr, utterli, and volunteers. Red Cross - #ROI #SXSW

Who is the audience? What are they motivations? Why do they come and go? Define metrics - social media is new - hits and page nope. #ROI

The Rabbi just said "Jesus" laughing. ;) #ROI #SXSW

The goals were to disclose the response to disaster. #ROI #SXSW

Next Wendy Harman from the American Red Cross -- Dr Suess. #ROI #SXSW

Humane Society's offline and online marketing don't talk with one another. #ROI #SXSW

Humane society putting twitter and facebook handles in emails. #ROI #SXSW

Facebook app for the humane society utilization was 60% #ROI #SXSW

Raised $650,000 for spay and neuter. WOW. #ROI #SXSW

How much did the facebook app development cost? $5000.00. Was this a fixed bid? #ROI #SXSW

Carie had to talk in the speak of the old timers but trying to get past the dollar metric. #ROI #SXSW

The first question is measuring lifetime value of an email address. $3/name? This is an old metric though. How do you equate value? #ROI

Used a facebook app as well. Great ROI. #ROI #SXSW

Had to make it easier - used the flickr API. Tagging and uploading automatically. Got 3000 photos and many emails. #ROI #SXSW

#ROI #SXSW Fresh Prince talk alike.

Carie Lewis from the Humane Society is up. #ROI #SXSW

Wildlife watch operates off of Flickr. #ROI #SXSW

New release of omniture will track tweets. Cool! #ROI #SXSW

Hope to see correlation between the twitter stream, flickr, and forum participation. #ROI #SXSW

Consider the immeasurable benefits when engaging in social media. #ROI #SXSW

Learn and Apply, study then test. #ROI #SXSW

Set tangible goals with the users and sightings. #ROI #SXSW

Wildlife sightings recorded on twitter. #ROI #SXSW

Used Listening Tools - looked for replies and feedback. #ROI #SXSW

#ROI #SXSW Quote the Raven :)

Poet #1 #ROI #SXSW

This is a whole lot of fun. Managing to convey ideas in rhyme - #ROI #SXSW

#ROI #SXSW At the ROI poetry slam.

@pingkate and @lauras from @pingV are here at the #acquia booth. #sxsw

Hanging out at the #acquia booth meeting with a ton of cool people at #sxsw

Wow registration at #sxsw has been shockingly painful. Multiple lines and my badge has been printed wrong twice so far. 1 hour to sign up.

Getting a cup of coffee and then headed over to Interactive at #sxsw - excited.

Last time I was in Austin was for the Americans for the Arts Conference in 2005 at this very Hilton. Interesting juxtaposition.

Down in the lobby listening to chatter. All very geeky talk. #Hilton #sxsw

At the Hilton downloading a large video file from @lauras - What Is Drupal? The premiere may be tomorrow at #sxsw.

Friday, March 13, 2009

At AUS- few cabs, long line.

I hate waiting for bags at baggage claim. I even hate it more when there is no carousel assigned.

Landed in Austin TX. It has been several years since I've hung out here. Tired, but looking forward to the morning.

On flight to AUS. Excited to be going to #sxsw for the first time. Lucky to get to get overhead bin.

Using DIA free public WiFi. Sluggish.

Got a seat in the exit row, YAY! Somehow that moved me from seating area 2 to 4. BOO!

Aircraft delayed by a half hour. Not a great way to start an evening flight. Could have stayed home for dinner!

$15 to check one bag with United? #disgusted

@pingV founders @lauras and @pingkate will be at #sxsw too! Say hi to us if you see us.

On my way to DIA to fly to AUS for #sxsw If you want to see me, drop by the #acquia table in interactive.

Eating a delicious soft white chocolate and macadamia cookie thanks to @benswords

On my way to work. Red-eye tonight to Austin for #sxsw

New Blog Post on - Sanity Is Over-rated -

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spam attempts on have jumped to about 1300 attempts per day. Grrrr!

Spammers are at it again. 1945 meaty attempts to place evil messages on in the last 24 hours. #Mollom is my friend.

Paid bills. Packing bag. Drinking peppermint tea.

Trying to get everything done I need to have done before tomorrow-still have a ton. I fly the red-eye to Austin after work for #sxsw.

Sitting and marveling how good homemade fresh bread can be and how cheap it is to make. That plus some nice cheddar makes a great breakfast.

Time to get the kiddo out of bed too.

Out of bed and need tea. I have a lot to do today ranging from client contact, to project shepherding, to prospect estimates.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psyched that has a new blogger. Looking forward to reading more posts from 4gifts.from.god -

Bread has started to bake. The house is started to smell great.

New Blog Post on - - My first post. An excerpt from my crazy life as an imperfect parent.

Making bread and tucking my little girl into bed.

Thinking about everything that I need to do before heading out for #sxsw on Friday. Laundry is not the least of the tasks.

Grateful to our lead systems guy for going the extra mile by staying late tonight to deploy a client site. Thanks Andy.

Getting my daughter a small chocolate milkshake from Sonic.

Getting ready for the day. Making tea. Much to do at work today, including finishing up an upgrade from D5 to D6 with a new tool for client.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeling worn out. Time to head to bed.

Looks like I'm headed to #sxsw late Friday night until first thing Tuesday morning. Let me know if you're attending!

New Blog Post on - - Looking Beyond Challenging Behavior

Grabbing bisquits and gravy from Lucile's in Boulder CO. Bring them back to my desk and review project tix.

Snow is making for a slow commute.

Monday, March 09, 2009

New Blog Post - My Notes from Usability Testing of Drupal at Drupalcon DC -

Continuing to parse through my notes from Drupalcon sessions. Figuring out what else I'm going to share.

Crazy busy catchup day after drupalcon. Now on my way to pick up my kiddo.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time to head to bed. Night all.

My notes from Westgate and Caccavno Drupalcon DC presentation on Enterprise Drupal -

New Blog Post - A Drupalcon DC comparison of Drupal, Joomla!, and Wordpress -

New Flickr Set - Denver Museum of Nature and Science -

At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with my kiddo and her friend.

I just realised that we didn't get a group photo of the @pingV crew at #drupalcon this time. Makes me a little sad.

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