Sunday, May 21, 2006

Apple's conversion to Intel is close to complete

This past week Apple announced the Macbook--a replacement for the iBook marking the end of the PPC processor as the core of all of Apple's computers.

I must admit that I have some sadness watching the PPC chipset sunset, but continue to be excited that the Apple line will continue to flourish, be attractive to switchers, and get faster faster.

The only computers that haven't started using the Intel chipset are the desktops, xserve servers, and the eMac.

The MacBook is available in black and white.

New Apple Store in NYC

The newest Apple store has opened in NYC sporting a huge glass cube as the entry way.

Apple's News Release

Apple's apparent success moving away from being mostly a virtual seller and moving to be a high end retailer is pretty amazing. Try before you buy seems to work well for the company. I have to say, when you go into an apple store, it is an experience.

ReplayTV--software vendor

ReplayTV has announced a beta program for ReplayTV software for XP. While I'm not thrilled with the platform of choice (understandable though given the prevalence of the operating system) I am extremely happy that the ReplayTV system isn't completely evaporating.

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