Wednesday, July 26, 2006

iFlip by Memorex

Memorex is going to be releasing a pretty cool gadget this fall called an iFlip that will give 5G iPods a bigger screen. The device looks a bit like a portable DVD player, but the iPod still acts as the navigator/controller.


One Laptop Per Child Project--India says no.

I've been following the one laptop project for about a year now as they've moved from concept to actually trying to sell units. Nigeria has ordered 1 million of these--but the total order before they start shipping will have to be between 5-10 million units.

India has rejected the project which cuts out a huge potential market.

What does this mean to the project?


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Daily Show bit on Net Neutrality

Daily Show

Its worth watching. Very funny.

Wireless ZUNE, more information

Well, more inform(specu)lation on ZUNE was bounding about the Internet today.

c|Net reported that Microsoft has confirmed that its offering will have WiFi capability.

They have a pull quote which pulls few punches...

"Will the technology work smoothly, without crashing?" asked IDC analyst Susan Kevorkian. "There are really serious usability concerns in this context that haven't fully been tested."

WIRED seems to think that the endeavour is lost before it is even released.

There is a new Zune News Web site that currently has broken links left right and center. And Zune Nation. And Top Zune Site...

Monday, July 24, 2006

More on Regina Spektor

Go to Regina Spektor's site and click on video. The music is really very good. The second track has a Klezmer feel to it.

Folks compare her to Fiona Apple. I'm not quite sure I hear that. The quality of her voice reminds me an awful lot of Norah Jones.

I need a new album. I want to thank Microsoft for introducing me to this singer. I can't wait to get an album or two of her's on my iPod.

The ZUNE site lyrics

The music is kind of cool on the ZUNE promo-site. I've done a little digging and it appears to be bone fide.

The music is by Regina Spektor

I had to seriously laugh, because where I found the lyrics was an ad to win a free iPod!

You can buy the track on iTunes for $0.99 and the whole album for less than $8.00.

Zune, the Microsoft iPod Killer?

What do you make of this promo site? Is it REAL? It is pretty bizarre with no message what-so-ever if it indeed is real.


Since I'm Posting about Laptops....

How about cooking breakfast and warming a cup of coffee using a Macbook?

It is the $1100 hotplate!

P.S. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the article.

One Laptop Per Child Project

The one laptop per child project is a bold attempt to put a laptop into the hands of children around the world who would never otherwise have the opportunity to have access. The laptops are to run Redhat Linux. The notion is to build a strong, versatile, and really inexpensive computer that doesn't rely on the powergrid. Originally it was thought that a hand crank would do, but it was found that for children to power the batteries, the effort was too great. Squid Labs in Emerville, CA has come up with a pull string that spins a small generator. It is much more efficient allowing for generation of a larger number of watts.

Make: Magazine (one of my favourite new publications) mentions that it may be available for the public to purchase for $200.

Technology Review has more details including the specs.

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