Saturday, November 19, 2011

Attending @pixel_whip's session on 10 Commandments of Photoshop Mockups @drupalATX in Austin. #drupal

#Drupal community is about mentorship. #angenote

Sitting, waiting for Webchick's Keynote to start @drupalATX #drupal

Can't access presentation for @DrupalATX via Keynote Remote. ATT Center must be blocking the port it uses. Prolly will use mobile hotspot.

Apathetic - sit on the sidelines and then are critical at the end. Give these folks lots of demos so they can't complain at the end. #drupal

Know-it-all Often a very experienced person, but new to #Drupal. They are fearful of change. TRAIN THESE folks.

Openly Hostile - "moving to #Drupal is a bad idea!" They are often jealous.

The Passive-Aggressive person undermines the project as a whole. If you aren't confrontational, then you are in trouble. Call themout.

Tribalism can exist - old vs new. #drupalATX Evangelists can be helpful and harmful.

In the dump your old CMS for #drupal session. #drupalATX

Hey @DrupalATX - are there rooms set aside for BOFs? If so, is there a place to sign up for those rooms? #drupal

Springboard is a #drupal distro for nonprofits to power online fundraising and marketing programs.

Fundraising with #drupal - ubercart donation, Webform Pay, NGP Fundraising Integration

Fundraising in #drupal - need ssl cert, secure pages, merchant account/payment gateway. Should have reliable hosting and PCI Compliant Host.

...single point of integration, ownership/control

Pros for Fundraising in #Drupal - Seamless UX, flexible giving experiences, No license fees/additional transaction costs...

Fundraising in #Drupal - cons - you take on the PCI burden. Uptime is critical. Commitment to ownership.

In the Fundraising session @DrupalATX - going to talk about contrib solutions, convio integration, and springboard distro for fundraising

This is the third Drupalcamp Austin. Congrats guys! @drupalATX 224 attendees in first, 307 last year, 342 this year so far.

I am @drupalATX and the opening session has started! Looking forward to the next two days.

Logging onto the #drupalcon Denver Zen Desk issue queue. No new tickets since last night = a happy @creech.

invoicing for @vintagedigital + getting ready for @drupalATX day + doing a little video gaming before breakfast = a pretty good morning.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I have my slides for @drupalATX camp finished up. I hope folks enjoy my talk on Sunday. #drupal #keynote

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