Saturday, April 24, 2010

12.5 hours of sleep in my own bed and I feel refreshed!

Friday, April 23, 2010

On way home from #drupalcon - thrilled by the prospect of sleeping in my own bed. #exhausted

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

0 IE6 users on the drupalconsf2010 site! YAH!

$400 K in sponsorship dollars. #drupalcon

2200 simultaneous users - 92 MB pipe - 2 redundant lines. #drupalcon

WOW 6000 folks watched Dries' keynote! #drupalcon

408 proposed sessions, 131 presented! #drupalcon

Lots of sprints! #drupalconsf

495 trainees on Drupal over 20 sessions trained. #drupalconsf w00t!

357 days of playing - 105 calls. 31 General meetings. #drupalconsf

And the Drupal song begins on accordian and guitar. I didn't know that Dmitri could play it!

Feeling just a bit wistful as the final moments of #drupalconsf2010 come to an end - not enough time. #drupal

At the final session for #drupalcon near the front with my tripod setup one more time. Still have lots of video to take care of processing! My #DrupalconSF2010 photos thus far. Perhaps more to come? #drupal #drupalcon Dries' keynote from #drupalconsf2010 this past Monday. #drupal #drupalcon

Photo for drupalcon about to happen.

Dave Pole is on the stage to talk about open source and open government. #drupalcon

At the final keynote for drupalcon. #drupal

ATEN starts risky and ends easy. #drupalcon

ATEN doesn't use WYSIWYG on sites - they almost always use Markdown. #drupalcon

ATEN uses moodboards - like wireframes are really easy to change. #drupalcon

At end of discovery - ATEN has wireframes. #drupalcon

ATEN doesn't design for Drupal. ATEN only designs ONE design. They design just enough pages to create an overall "template" #drupalcon

simple deliverables are good

ATEN uses client surveys - 25 questions (15 may apply to a specific client). #drupalcon

ATEN projects have Discovery, Design, and Implementation. #drupalcon

ATEN is going to talk about process - not technical details. #drupalcon

at Efficient Workflow for Design and Dev Projects. Session video to follow. #drupalcon

4 Kitchens uses JIRA for PM tracking. #drupalcon

attending the PM BOF - great turnout. #drupalcon

Just fixed vid 4 from the O'Reilly #drupalcon Keynote by breaking into two pieces.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exhausted - thinking it will be an early night for me tonight. Open Source in the Cloud Era--Tim O'Reilly keynote at #drupalconsf2010 #drupal Drupal Gardens and Acquia updates. #drupalcon #drupal #dries

Sitting in on the WEA session that @ethank is facilitating. #drupalcon

Wow, Acquia will be partnering with Chapter Three LLC on trainings. #drupal #drupalcon

Acquia is announcing two distos. They are working with Phase2 on OpenPublish. Working with Harvard on Open Scholar. #drupal #drupalcon

Gardens is going to bring in more modules & features. Views and Panels. Theme marketplace. Partner programs. Multi-site. Open APIs. #drupal

Multi-site management will be available. Theme libraries. Turnkey site deployment. Enterprise class security. #drupalgardens

Repeatable info architecture - consistent designs and themes - sso across Gardens ssites - connected to social media channels #drupalgardens

Site export feature is very cool. Easy to start with gardens, but you can export to custom code so you get MORE. #drupalgardens #dries

Drupal Gardens starts at FREE! #drupalcon #dries

Drupal Gardens is a service - you have nothing to manage. #dries

Obstacles to Drupal Adoption - hard to get set up, hard to theme. Created Gardens. #dries #drupal

Sitting in Dries' session on Drupal Gardens. If you haven't checked out Gardens, you should. It is pretty sick (in a good way).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Loading up Dries' keynote on #drupal #drupalconSF "The Heart of Open Atrium - Context, PURL, and Spaces" vids up on my blog. #drupal #drupalconsf

Not sure what I've done with the massive bag of batteries for my video camera. Need to run out before Dries' keynote to get more. #drupalcon

taking video from open atrium presentation. will have up online quickly after the session. #drupalcon #openatrium

at the open atrium session. #drupalcon #sanfran #drupal

Sunday, April 18, 2010 @vintagedigital t-shirt at Drupalcon SF. #drupal Hotel wireless blocked us and the team got creative, sharing the remaining connection. #drupalconsf2010 #drupal

Sitting in the sprint room getting ready to work on some documentation. #drupalcon

Looking for the #drupal documentation sprint. Anybody have a room number? #moscone

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