Saturday, August 12, 2006

Harper Promises to Defend the North

It is about time. If Canada doesn't defend it's sovereignty, Canada will lose its rights to the north's natural resources.

Friday, August 11, 2006

WWDC Keynote Address

Mr. Jobs and his team were in great form for the WWDC 2006 Keynote. There was a great deal of comparison between Macs and PCs, OSX and Windows, and a strong focus on the shift to Intel. I enjoyed the 10 new features that will be released as part of Leopard.

It is a good hour of watching, but if you are interested in the Mac platform well worth the time.

Dish to Comcast

We've been long time Dish subscribers--over six years--and somehow our bill had gotten larger and larger. We were happy enough with the service, although the bedroom unit became quite unreliable. Comcast approached us with the Dish buy-back program and we bit. We were already Comcast broadband subscribers and they offered us a deal that increased our bandwidth and now allows us to have all our ReplayTVs on cable greatly increasing our capacity to record shows, avoid conflicts, and so forth.

They set up two digital recievers--one in the family room and one in the living room. I split the connection into the family room into 4 connections--most of which are being used now.

They didn't take the Dish equipment, but they did use the existing wiring to setup the cable rendering the Dish connection useless.

The ReplayTVs picked up the new lineup quickly and are working well with the new equipment, but it did take some digging on Planet Replay to figure out what IR code I should use to control the new cable boxes, Motorola DCT 700's which turn out to be a bargain box. The connections on the back are a little insipid--you can do coax or composite, but no S-video. Still, I haven't noticed a huge difference in our picture and the box is about 1/8th of the size of the boxes we used for Dish.

My only complaint is that we were supposed to get two premium channel lineups, and we currently only have one. I'm in the process of protesting, and hopefully everything will get worked out otherwise I'm going to end up being very very unhappy.

All in all though, the cost of TV and Internet are now costing us less than just TV a few days ago. We're saving a bundle of money.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Transition of Macs to Intel is Complete

Mac Pro


iPod Toilet Roll Holder?

Holy Crap!


Read the comments, Bolero indeed.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

John Twelve Hawks--The Traveler

Last weekend I picked up a novel from the local bookstore on a whim. It is titled "The Traveler" and is about twin brothers who can break out of their bodies and travel to other "realms". It is a good read featuring Maya, a Harlequinn whose mission is to protect Travelers. The Brethren have been systematically exterminating travelers for hundreds of years in an attempt to control the population.

John Twelve Hawks' bio is very short. In fact, you can find out almost nothing about the author.

I'm enjoying the read. Its a good yarn full of paranoia, bad guys, chases with a frighteningly real premise (not the traveling but the idea of the great machine monitoring us all).

Ted Stevens Glossy Pamphlet

In an attempt to sway votes in Congress, Ted Stevens--Senator for Alaska, produced a glossy brochure outlining the reasons his bid to rid the Internet of Neutrality is a good idea.


Forbes Report

I'm pleased that he didn't get enough votes to pass cloture on the communication bill. It gives concerned parties, like myself, more time continue to communicate with our representation to prevent this disasterous legislation from passing.

The Republican party decided that the vote was too risky this close to the election. Apparently they have been milking both sides of the issue with the lobbies. Its a windfall of donations.

Arts Blogs

I came across the following site doing some research for work. This group also has a job search site very similar to WESTAF's Artjob Online which WESTAF has been publishing since the 80's. Obviously it didn't start online, it transitioned in 1998 to its current form.

Anyhow, this group will let you blog for free on their site if you are a subscriber to one their ArtsHub products. Its a good added value item to their service that could also drive traffic to their site.

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