Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buffalo Nachos for dinner. Yum!

Shortened URLs with no context bug me. For pete's sake at least TELL me what I'm clicking on.

Had to wear a beard net on the tour. Oh the humanity! #celestialseasonings

At Celestial Seasonings in Boulder Colorado waiting for the tour. #touristinyourowntown

We're going to head to Celestial Seasonings to go on a tour of the facility!

New Forum Topic on - Court Appointed Special Advocates -

New resource on - The Orphan Foundation - - They look like a great organization.

Just finished playing Wii sports with my kiddo.

New link on - - the National Foster Care Coalition

Friday, March 27, 2009

Watching the "National" on the CBC. Craving news from home.

Added some more pictures to the Blizzard set on Flickr. -

Downtown Boulder with my family having lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Going to pop into the office for a little while while the ladies shop.

I've had a cup of tea and now I'm ready to dig our car out. Then a day with my family.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time for bed I think. Night everybody.

New book on - - From Chaos to Calm

Catching up on the United States of Tara.

New Blog Post - The Colorado Blizzard of 2009 -

New Blog Post on - Shinny Up the Palm Tree -

Colorado Blizzard so far -

Yowser! The snow is still coming down here in Westminster, CO.

Ahhhhh spring in Colorado.

Truck at the 104th exit in the lane sideways. US 36 is a complete mess.

Emergency vehicles all over the place. Spin-offs and accidents abound. I'm going home.

People getting out of cars to look around on US 36 on way to Boulder. Crazy.

Completely stopped on US 36 on my way to Boulder.

Oh dear. Blizzard-like conditions for Metro Denver today.

Some tea to start, a quick early morning appointment, then to work. Hopefully two projects are done today + continued planning for another.

Time for bed.

Just reauthenticated my Blogger account to get posts from Seems that they updated connections halting the connection.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Settling down with a nice cup of chai tea and working for the next hour or so on client work. Then off to Denver for #GMN09 to present.

Making a nice cup of morning tea. Working through client work this morning and getting ready for #GMN09 talk on Social Media a little later.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Blog Post - A preview of my remarks at the Grants Manager Network conference tomorrow. #gmn09 #grantsm

Working on a Blog post for tomorrow's presentation at the Grant Manager's Network Conference in Denver. #GMN09 #grantsm slides and video from DrupalconDC presentation by me, @coltrane, and Mollee Bauer for @pingv -

Paying bills. Yeehaw!

At my daughter's swim class doing more work on #grantsm #gmn09 presentation for tomorrow.

Battery on my laptop has hit 319 charge cycles. Apple warrants 300. My battery life is tanking. :(

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