Friday, April 09, 2010

I have finally succumbed to joining four square...

Electrician working on house. No 220 (so no stove or clothes dryer) until Monday. Thus, out for supper at Hacienda Colorado.

OMG, my normal $6/day parking lot is $40/day today! I had forgotten that today is the Rockies season opener.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I ordered an iPad wifi+3g and a cover. The cover arrived today without the iPad. #agony

Launching a site for a client makes me happy. Today was a good day. #drupal

RT: @vintagedigital The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard has relaunched in #Drupal! Mugshot 137

OH: I would like the 64 oz big gulp of hurt.

RT: @cyberwat Acquia webinar today at 1pm ET - How Clarity Media is Moving to Drupal 7 (with MongoDB!)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 A short blog post on tomorrow's #Acquia Webinar on's transition from ColdFusion to #Drupal 7

Invoicing Clients for @VintageDigital, then back to updating a project plan. Mugshot 136

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Riding the stationary, watching 24, and skyping/iming with two of my development teams (and tweeting/fb-ing) #multitasking

Doing about 10 miles on the stationary. Trying to get myself in shape again. Mugshot 135

Watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog via Netflix Instant. Ok, this is very funny stuff. #josswhedon #musical

Monday, April 05, 2010 Mugshot 134

Slogging through email - catching up on my mailboxes

Oh the fail whale is back in force on #twitter.

Sunday, April 04, 2010 Avs and Sharks - Avs won 5-4 in sudden death overtime 3 minutes into the overtime period. #nailbiter Mugshot 133

Avs win it!

Sudden Death Avs have 4 players, sharks 3.

Mueller got hit so hard he ended up lying on the ice for several minutes. #avs #sharks #NHL

Sharks tie it up. 5:16 to go. #NHL

Duschenes is a wonderful freak of nature. How can a 19 year old be SO good. #avs #NHL

Sharks get a goal. Avs 4, Sharks 3. #NHL

Avs 4, Sharks 2. Goal 20 sec into 3rd period. Awesome! #NHL

Avs have woken up. Avs 3, Sharks 2. #NHL

Avs vs Sharks - tied up 2 each. #NHL

Score 2-1 for the Sharks after the first period. #cmonavs

At the Avs vs Sharks game with good friends missing my wife. She stayed home sick. #hockey #adoremywife Cool, iphone and ipod touch becomes a tile rack for the scrabble game.

Leg of lamb in the oven - the house is going to start smelling GREAT.

First harvest from the garden! Parsley has sprouted and is now in the leg of lamb for Easter meal.

Easter egg hunt a success-but somehow some of the eggs went missing it seems... Happy Easter to my friends & family who celebrate the day!

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