Saturday, May 16, 2009

My daughter made an AMAZING flower arrangement from flowers on our shrubs in the backyard.

Made home-made pizzas with my family. Tomato, Pepperoni, Cilantro, Mozzarella and Parmesan, Pine Nuts, Roasted Garlic and Peppers on mine.

At Paulino Gardens picking up stuff for the veggie patch. Getting a raspberry cane this year.

Went to Starbucks-got drinks for family. 1st chai spills in car making terrible mess. Went back, got another-cup collapses in the car. #sigh

Friday, May 15, 2009

Munching on a #Sidney's egg, cheese, and ham on sun-dried tomato bagel in Boulder CO. Having them as an @pingv downstairs neighbor rocks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working on a little routine cleanup of unwanted comments on the site.

Just a few photos from last night's DBUG #Drupal meetup at the @pingV new office last night.

Waking myself up. Making tea. Getting ready for another busy day on a large #Drupal project @pingv office.

Creative Capitol-10 year birthday-$15 million matching gift from Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts over next 10 years.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"1) Use Cases, 2) Simpletests, 3) Develop against tests - That is best way to create modules for your clients." #DBUG #Drupal @cyberswat

Interested in what is happening in user experience for Drupal 7? #DBUG

Talking about Mapstraction #drupal #DBUG

Interested in Acquia Solr Search?

#Drupal Talking about Acquia SOLR search at #DBUG

Drupal 6.12 and 5.18 security releases today -

#Drupal looking at Embedded Media Field right now - #DBUG

#DBUG question - if I upgrade from D5 to 6 and I upgrade Views will it go ok? --It was followed by a skeptical rumble across the room.

#DBUG There is a computer on elsewhere in the office streaming the video from the meetup - the echo is spooky. #Drupal

#DBUG @ultimateboy is going to do a demo of views next.

#DBUG Talking about the Drupal Markup Engine -

#DBUG Organic Groups is a way of creating open or closed focused discussions - sites within a site. #Drupal

#DBUG - Talking about Organic Groups and Advance Forums. Social sites are better when they act as ties rather than silos. Tie into FB or T*

Just picked up a Wild Boar garden salad at the Boulder Market. #funfood

The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Announces New Technology Program for Jazz - - 1st deadline July 6/09

Waking up and making tea. More use cases to be completed today at work and then this evening is the Drupal Denver/Boulder Users Group. #DBUG

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm flabbergasted-Landesman has been named new NEA director. He was responsible for Angels in America to Broadway

Ok, I now have my Confluence Home Directory set up correctly. Initial WSOD but stopping and starting the app fixed that. Now setup begins!

Setting up Confluence on my localhost to play learn about it. Tricky setup that reminds me a little of the Drupal 4 days.

Journey To Me was added to the offsite links on today - #fostadopt #foster #adopt

Web Producers @pingv team up to put together new furniture. The office is going to look nice for tomorrow's DBUG meeting. #drupal #boulder

Cheerful that the most likely series of actions taken by a user (within a use case) is called the "Happy Path". Makes me smile.

Working on Use Cases/Acceptance Cases for a very large Drupal site and feeling a related blog post coming on.

Microsoft has odd tweets about Twitter integration in Word and perhaps a Pre/iPhone competitor -

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad headache for two days = early night sleep tonight. I am so tired.

My wife brought home burgers, malts, fries, and onion rings from Jim's Burger Haven in Westminster, CO for dinner. Yum!

Today = week 2 @pingv in an intensive sprint building a large Drupal site in a very short time-frame. Excited and enjoying the challenge.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I want a couple of goats. I think it would be cool to get fresh milk. The house is not zoned for it though and dogs might not be thrilled.

Developing a rather nasty headache - I think I might lie down for a little while.

Mussels, dirty rice, grilled aspargus at Papadeux for me. Halibut for my wife. Kids meal for kiddo. #yum

Spicy shrimp cocktail with avocado and pico de gallo. Good stuff. #pappadeux

Sitting at Pappadeaux waiting for our number to come up. Yum, seafood!

Florida has been added to's fostadopt resources. #foster #adopt

Forum Topic on - How have you used Mother's Day to bond with your foster or adoptive child? #foster #adopt

Squirrel -

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!

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