Saturday, February 04, 2006

Empty Floating Spacesuit

This is just wierd.

Columbus Art Festival and ZAPP(tm)

I'm currently in Columbus Ohio helping with the Art Festival's jury process. This if the first year that Columbus has used ZAPP(tm) and their staff and volunteers have quickly 'owned' the process engaging in an incredibly smooth efficient jury.

The jury is taking place in the Upper Arlington government building and is just about as good a jury space as you could want. Plenty of Internet access and a large space. Thank-you Upper Arlington!

We continue to have good luck with the Roku HD1000 Photobridge devices as a replacement to slide projectors. The little software app we wrote to synch the Rokus is working perfectly. I still marvel at how good the images look when presented this way.

I find it interesting how subtle differences between different shows effect the way a jury approaches the work for a given show. When a jury is conducted silently each juror is an island and is unaffected by the scores and opinions of the others in the jury panel. This means that scores can be wildly different for a given artist.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two More Hawai'i Pics

One of my feet. One of a very cute (and timid) crab.

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