Friday, October 20, 2006

MobiusTrip VIII - XII

I've posted the last five Mobius videos on Revver. They are below!

MobiusTrip VIII

MobiusTrip IX

MobiusTrip X

MobiusTrip XI

MobiusTrip XII

Thursday, October 19, 2006

MobiusTrip VI and VII

MobiusTrip VI

MobiusTrip VII

WESTAF Trustees Meeting

Today I will be doing a short presentation on Web 2.0 for the WESTAF trustees. Part of that presentation will include taking a picture of the group with my Treo, uploading it to Flickr, geotagging it, and posting it.

You have new Picture Mail!

Click here to see where this photo was taken. By courtesy of BeeLoop SL (the Mapware & Mobility Solutions Company).

Later today I'll post a summary of what we discuss.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

EFF, ClariNet, Flight 959 and this Blog

What do these have in common?

For those of you who have followed the Flight 959 post (here and on various forums where I started some discussion), you may have noticed that it generated a few comments. The first was from a man named Brad Templeton. I KNEW I had heard the name before but I couldn't figure out from where. Finally last night I got around to clicking on the link he left and everything clicked.

He is...

1) The Chairman of the EFF, a non-profit that I have a great deal of respect for PARTICULARLY because I'm a ReplayTV user. The EFF has supported the notion of fair use on the Internet heavily.

2) The founder of ClariNet

Quite Cool.

Making Leis

This afternoon and tomorrow have WESTAF hosting its trustees for a board meeting. In attendance are many wonderful people from Hawai'i. The state has recently started participating in WESTAF--wonderful news.

In celebration, the WESTAF staff made leis on Monday that were distributed tonight. If you've never made one, it is part jewelry making and part flower arrangement. You need to pluck the orchids from the stems and then string each flower in a very specific way using a needle and thread.

After mutilating quite a few flowers, we all got the hang. The photos were taken with my phone which is the reason the quality is wanting bit.

You have new Picture Mail!
Box of Orchids

You have new Picture Mail!
Lei-d out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What do Artists NEED?

Do artists need grant money? Do they need educational opportunities? Do they need fellowships?

When you get right down to it...

a) Painters/Sculpters/Printmakers/Graphic artists need work to be seen
b) Writers need to have work read.
c) Orchestras/Quartets/Groups need to be heard.

Artists need work to be consumed. Consumption leads to revenues.

Consumption only occurs when there is resonance with some community. For the mass media, that might be a TV show like Lost. For specific niches in the arts that might be fanatical fans of a little known musical group.

So, as an industry, if we want to move the individual artist agenda forward we need to find ways to:

1) develop resonance with the community
2) find ways to encourage consumption
3) understand that we don't need everyone to LIKE or AGREE with what we do

MobiusTrip, Three More Segments.

I'm afraid that segments three and four have pretty bad audio. Segment five is fairly good quality. I wish that when this work was originally captured, I had spent more time on the production quality of the archived work.

MobiusTrip III

MobiusTrip IV

MobiusTrip V

Monday, October 16, 2006

Vote for Winnie!

A very good family friend has made it to the finals in Milkbone's "Make You and Your Dog Famous" contest. If they win, Winnie gets to be on a milkbone box for a year! So, vote each day for:

Parent: C. Blair
Dog: Winnicott

Help Blair and Winnie win the contest.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


In April of 1997 I wrote and produced an online theatre piece called MobiusTrip. It was comprised of audience in the physical space at Virginia Tech's Theatre Arts University Theatre black box and an online audience all over the globe. This piece, at the time, was groundbreaking because it made use of multicasting in and out in ways that really no one was engaged.

It was a pretty exciting time.

I have begun digitally archiving the show and decided while I was at it I would post it on Revver 3-5 minutes at a time.

The first eight minutes or so of the show is up and available. It didn't translate terribly well from the video tape capture and you don't really get a sense of what the audience saw on the Internet. Still, it will give you an idea of what I was up to almost a decade ago.

Please note that there is strong language and a depiction of an extremely prejudiced man in the show. DON'T watch if you find strong language offensive or don't wish to see the depiction of a very racist individual.

MobiusTrip Part I -- Introduction

MobiusTrip Part II -- The Fishing Trip

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