Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great 1st day at #dcco2011 and took lots of video. Will upload shortly to along with short blog posts of my own notes.

Headed into "Keeping Your Sanity Working with Clients". #dcco2011 #drupal

"Drupal doesn't sit on the shoulder of giants but on the shoulders of many midgets" -- greggles #dcco2011

1 year of sandbox projects almost == to 10 years of projects on #dcco2011 #crazy

At the collaboration session being led by @benswords in the #aten room. #dcco2011 #drupalcampCO

#dcco2011 It is hard to fix "your website sucks" - be specific. #drupal

#dcco2011 Clients are scared of Developers. #drupal

#dcco2011 discovered that out of the box is inflexible and doesn't fit expectations. #Drupal

At Client Perspective session listening to client as to how he had ADD changing scope and admitting unfairly blaming the developer. #dcco2011

At the Drupal Commerce session. #drupalcampCO

Tim believes that Ubercart will fade away in Drupal 8. #dcco2011

Tim says, "There is no rift in the community. Our standing up here together demonstrates that" #Drupal-ecommerce #dcco2011

Where are people thinking about eating lunch at #dcco2011 ? Sticking around for box lunches or heading out on the town? #drupalcamp CO

Definitely *some* tension between the ubercart and commerce presenters speaking together. Good job though working in tandem. #dcco2011

Pretty sure that I've been throttled at #dcco2011 as I try to upload @webchick's presentation to YouTube. May need to wait until I'm at home

Hummm... this dude just said that CCK wasn't used much in Drupal 5 in his ecommerce presentation... #DrupalHistoryFail #dcco2011

#dcco2011 in the Project Management session.

mobile is a drupal 8 initiative. #dcco2011

So, where are we going? Drupal 8 started in March. Dries has assigned some initiative owners. #dcco2011 #drupal

When no one's doing, STEP UP! Go nuts in the issue cue. Get on IRC #dcco2011

Find places to jump in - go to the community initiatives section on #dcco2011 #drupal

Helping out gives you a stronger voice in the project. #dcco2011 #drupal

Help folks in the support forums. #dcco2011 but don't burn yourself out!

Hash tag for drupalcamp colorado? #dcco2011

@webchick says... "Cement knowledge in your head by documenting as you go in the handbook - it will help you and others."

I think @webchick likes kitty cats - lots of them in her #drupalcamp CO keynote.

@webchick points out that you DON'T NEED TO BE A CODER to contribute to opensource. #drupalcamp

"Fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base" -- Dries

@Webchick is about to get on stage.

The next Drupalcon is in London and then after that in #denver March 20th to March 22nd. There will be a Drupalcon BOF tomorrow afternoon.

Over half a million people are now involved with the #drupal project. Wow.

@benswords introduces the camp. @webchick is hanging in the wings. #drupalcampcolorado

Sitting at the King Center waiting for #Drupalcamp Colorado to start. Happy to see so many familiar and friendly faces like @jcfiala.

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