Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making bread as part of dinner tonight. Bread is a good thing - makes the whole house smell fabulous.

New public fost/adopt department on - Louisiana -

Rain has eased up. Seriously thinking about going outside and making a snowman with my daughter while we still can.

New Blog Post on about the Lullabot's book - Using Drupal -

Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow is still following in Metro Denver. The drive home from Boulder to Westminster was more than just a little hairy.

Beef Pho at Bimbamboo in Boulder - Yummy lunch -

Ok, snow in Metro Denver is starting to stick to the road. Gotta love spring storms.

Good Morning and Happy Friday everybody!

Threat of snow in Metro Denver has not come to fruition. Seems very wet out there-I guess the temp didn't get cold enough. At least not yet.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ubercart chapter in the Lullabot's "Using Drupal" book is clear and easy to follow. Nice!

Another State Foster Care/Adoption agency on - Missouri -

I just added Iowa to the list of Foster/Adoptive services -

Watching "Bones".

Unfuddle appears to have imploded on me.

Doing my time card up for the day. Funny that I call it a card, when it is all online and isn't card like at all.

At my daughter's music concert. The theatre at her school has a full proscenium, fly gallery, and booth. Impressive for grade three.

Wow, a winter storm warning on its way to Colorado this evening - Lucky Metro-Denver is under 5500 ft.

How did it get to be Thursday!? I'm getting ready for the day, starting a little plan for what I need to accomplish. Step 1 - Tea.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I suspect a new TiVo product will be hitting the shelves soonish. Looks like they are trying to figure out what name they should call it.

Taking a TiVo survey for a new product. Interesting.

Online Event on Techsoup - - Basics for Beginners: Getting Started with Social Media Tools

Getting myself going for the day - making tea and planning the day out. Much of it in a client meeting working through #Drupal details.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exhausted after what amounted to a 13 hour day. Headed to bed for a few hours and then back to it. LOTS of client interaction today.

Working on an estimate for the office. Big project - lots of integrations.

Well good morning! I am up and and planning my day. Another busy one tying up lose ends on projects plus planning a client meeting tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Working on growing the community by contacting organizations with similar missions.

Engaged in my favourite pastime - paying bills - NOT!

New Blog Post - ScribeFire and the ASUS Netbook - - Some initial thoughts on both tools.

Watching "Chuck".

Stickered! #pingv #macbookpro #stickers

Up and making a cup of tea while planning the day. I have a busy one ahead of me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I think I'm loving this tiny netbook. It is light and flexible - if you "get" the limitations. No graphics work, but perfect for browsing. Julliard Supsends Music Program for Disadvantaged Schoolchildren.

This is a hoot - a steam powered iPod charger -

New Video on TraumaAdoption Blog - Helping Children Heal from -

FamilyCMS - pretty easy to install - has a decent Wizard. You can share Recipes Documents Prayer Concerns, Message Board, and Polls.

Checking out Family CMS - - Getting set to install it locally on my laptop.

New netbook bought at target on flickr -

Mobile Blogging and an ASUS Netbook - - A new blog post on

Seems like the weather in Colorado Springs is pretty nasty/snowy. We're debating as to whether we should make the drive for Easter lunch.

Kiddo running around finding eggs while I make a french press of coffee and preheat the oven for the leg of lamb.

Spent time this evening loading a leg of lamb up with parsley and garlic. It sits in our breezeway fridge until tomorrow when I'll roast it.

He is risen! Happy Easter to all my Christian friends.

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