Friday, April 29, 2005

Tiger Released

Today was the release date for OSX 10.4 aka "Tiger".

Paula and I went the Apple store to pick up a family pack and ended up purchasing Tiger, two games, Airport Express, Airport Express cables, keyboard protectors, and a retractable ethernet cable. That store is seriously dangerous.

I'll write about Tiger when I get more of a chance to play with it. However, I just finished setting up the Airport Express and hooking it up to our stereo allowing us to stream from iTunes directly. Very very cool. It also acts as a wireless bridge for our network. The wireless router we have now--a DLink--is going to be moved to a corner of the house to improve our connectivity throughout the house.

I saw LOTS of people buying computers, software, peripherials, iPods, and lots of other things. The 10% coupon at the door was the turning point I think.

In other words, all this hype for Tiger is also about selling lots of other stuff. Clever Clever Clever.

Anchorage Business Trip

Over the last few days I've been working in Anchorage with the arts council helping them with their panel process using CultureGrants Online (tm). We met at the BP Energy Center, a fabulous resource that BP provides to non-profits for free. I was very impressed by the space. The weather was pretty unbelievable--between 48 and 68 F every day with sun. I came BACK to snow, ice, and cold weather in Denver.

There was no time for doing fun stuff, but I did take some photos from my phone while flying into the airport. The snow caps were pretty stunning.

View from the Plane

View from the Plane Part 2

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