Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sitting on a plane editing documentation for #lastgaspofdrupalcon #drupalcon

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sitting at the Fairfield at #drupalcon London working on Drupalcon Denver efforts. Want to volunteer? Seek me out. #drupal

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next European Drupalcon will be Aug 20 - 23 in Munich Germany. #drupal

Groups are no longer nodes in D7. #drupalcon london

Blocks are dumb items - they have no idea of what page they are on. #drupalcon london

2) Leverage Entity and Terms 3) merfago - merlin of chaos and fago's API #drupalcon london

There were three main concepts in the fashion show. 1 roles and permissions - per group. #drupalcon london

an Entity is something and nothing at the same time. There is now a fieldable dress on the stage. #drupalcon london

and suddenly it is the second Drupal fashion show suddenly. #drupalcon london

OMG - open gizra is code named Middle East because it is as stable at the region itself. #LOL #drupalcon london

Drupal is Mass Customization. #drupalcon london

Development is like making clothes. Custom work will fit perfectly but will take time and it is expensive. #drupalcon london

Or you can get a mass produced pair of pants - cheap, but it won't fit right. #drupalcon london

at the D7 Organic Groups session #drupalcon london and it is pretty amusing so far.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Internet could well encourage a new religion to "spread the world". #drupalconkeynote

The Internet will stimulate more experimentation and social media will encourage innovation. #drupalconkeynote

Governments are scared by the Internet as it topples them. Social media is going to continue making change in politics. #drupalconkeynote

The mass media model has been upended by the Internet and reinvigorating horizontal media. A return to before 1833. #drupalconkeynote

All media became one way push - mass media put the control in a few sets of hands. #drupalconkeynote

The Sun changed the model by increasing circulation - but it was no longer citizen journalists. Pro's decide what goes in. #drupalconkeynote

The Sun caused things to fall apart. It was 6 times cheaper than other newspapers. It was a switch of funding by subscribers to ads.

There have been many social media cultures over history sharing, liking, distributing etc. #drupalconkeynote

The British lost because all the supplies needed to come by ship as they couldn't live off the land. #drupalconkeynote

Paine had 1000 copies of a pamphlet printed (Common Sense). Washington got a copy. It ended up hitting 250,000 colonists. #drupalconkeynote

The stamp tax ultimately led to the American Revolution. #drupalconkeynote

The government would tax paper and a stamp tax in America to make it hard for the poor to get information. #drupalconkeynote

Now to America - America embraced the notion of the Freedom of the Press. #drupalconkeynote

Open-ness and sharing made it easier to work on each other's work. #drupalconkeynote

Coffeehouse discussions were reprinted in magazines. The Coffeehouse Internet. #drupalconkeynote

Scientists printed results of experiments, then they would build on each other's work - OPEN SOURCE MOVEMENT in the 1660's #drupalconkeynote

This allowed for open conversations where folks could figure things out for themselves by looking at different ideas. #drupalconkeynote

Parliament tried to regain control of the press. Things were printed as speeches, even though they were never spoken. #drupalconkeynote

There was a HuffPo model of creating pamphlets for free to gain influence. #drupalconkeynote

A WAR of pamphlets. #drupalconkeynote

Battles were written up in different versions, and those versions had refutes from opponents. Flame wars occurred. #drupalconkeynote

The Bible was then changed to English - and folks had literacy increase. #drupalconkeynote

When the English went into civil war - the crown lost control of the printing press and people experienced free press. #drupalconkeynote

Printers were killed for printing - so many folks moved to the Netherlands. #drupalconkeynote

Flame wars during the English Civil War. #drupalconkeynote

Is it right to dignify a criticism from the people? The church had a hard time figuring out what to do, because it wasn't "correct"

Luther composed hymns in German so the regular person could participate in the service. #drupalconkeynote

Buying a pamphlet was a social badge in 1580. #drupalconkeynote

Quantcast didn't exist in 1500's but it turns out you can extrapolate his "traffic stats". Awesome slide at #drupalconkeynote

There was a debate that ended up 21 additional posts. He responded to critics - he HAD to respond. #drupalconkeynote

Printers in other towns would ask about whether Luther's pamphlet was available to be copied. #drupalconkeynote

Martin Luther thought indulgences were outrageous. He wrote to the leadership - and his friends copied them and they spread in 2 weeks.

Leap Forward - the reformation - Martin Luther was a "blogger". #drupalconkeynote

These epistles had very much interest in churches that they weren't meant for. The epistles are still read today. #drupalconkeynote

St Paul used social media. He used open letters known as Epistles. #drupalconkeynote

Folks would comment on each other's "posts" on the walls in Roman home. #drupalconkeynote

Roman Graffiti would show up inside peoples houses. You would be showing how literate your friends are. #drupalconkeynote

Cicero complains that he is getting too much information - for example, he didn't need to know gladiator results. #drupalconkeynote

Scribes were like broadband made copies for you. Cicero's scribe invented shorthand - means higher bandwidth. #drupalconkeynote

Speeches and books were going along the social networks, there was liking - recommending - forwarding, etc. #drupalconkeynote

Books and speeches would have a couple of copies, then friends would make copies, that is how publishing occurred. #drupalconkeynote

Romans had semi public letters - they had attachments. News was flitting back and forth. #drupalconkeynote

In the Roman era - it was sprawling - and it was centralized. Letters went back and forth. #drupalconkeynote

The Romans had "laptops" and "tablets" and many of them looked like an iPad. They would be covered in black wax. #drupalconkeynote

Standage believes that "new media" is very similar to "old media". #drupalconkeynote

In the old days - before the rise of mass media, all media was social media. However, it was MORE social then. #drupalconkeynote

Tom Standage - Digital Editor from the Economist is on stage. #drupalcon london

Wow, the Economist has managed to kill Cold Fusion this past month. #drupalcon london CONGRATS!

at the morning Keynote at #drupalcon london

#drupacon Londoners - just a wee reminder, there is time to participate in the XOOM give away!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#DriesNote panorama at #drupalcon London this morning. #drupal

#driesnote #drupal - lets work on D8 and clean up more usability issues.

Wrapping up #driesnote - lets think better. There is opportunity. Need to be tech strong, ease of use, well marketed. #drupal

Drupal is not well marketed enough. #drupacon #driesnote

We need to embrace the tension between usability and functionality. It is just a fact of life. #drupalcon #driesnote

Drupal has a challenge - number of modules available. Drupal is awesome because of - number of modules available. #drupalcon #driesnote

Trade off of ease of use vs superior technologies is palpable. #drupalcon #driesnote

Lets investigate other systems - know our competition, look for opportunities. #drupalcon #driesnote

Number 1 term used to describe Drupal in survey? "Flexible" #drupal #drupalconlondon #driesnote

Organizations are deciding to standardize on #drupal save money. No license fees and a single knowledge base for support. #drupalcon #dries

Come out to the XOOM BOF ( ) - meet with @Creech and @Cyberswat - find out how to nab it. #drupal #london

and here we go with Dries #drupalcon keynote! #drupal

The spirit of Drupalcon Future is on the stage... on a snowboard. #drupalcon london

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just spent a delightful few hours with an Uncle and Aunt in #London #jetlagged.

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