Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just got home from a housewarming party. I love it when people move into a new home!

Listening to the new names on the bricks in the Veteran's Garden in Westminster CO.

At the Vetern's Day memorial celebration at the Memorial Garden.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Tired. I think it is time for bed.

But the Netflix Viewer is pretty sweet even over wireless.

Just updated XP on my MacBook Pro. The experience isn't as seamless as updating MacOS. Ugh, two more banks are done.

Spore is crazy good fun!

Gonna play a little Spore I think.

At home, fireplace blazing, pizza ordered, settling down for the evening.

Foster Care and Trust --

It is very windy in Boulder today.

Morning everybody. Waking up slowly on a chilly Friday morning. 34F or 1C.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've been writing a little bit tonight but its gotten too late to keep it up. I think it is time for bed. Night!

At the pharmacy drive through.

Blogrush is shutting down -

Knight News Challenge -- An Opensource Grantmaking System -- Help us help grantmakers!

Finished lunch, now down to planning taxonomy on a project.

Good Morning! It is quite cold this right now--34F or 1C.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Night everybody.

Watching "Prison Break" - the show has jumped the shark.

New Blog Post on -- A child's Guardian ad litem

New Blog Post -- Rapid Drupal Site Recipe Part III - Setting Up Content Types

RT @Leaping Woman
leapingwoman this is cool; Obama headlines around the world

RIP Mr Crichton. I've enjoyed your books. :(

On my way home.

Good Morning Everybody! Lots to do today post election. Somehow, the world looks just a bit brighter.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NBC's CGI "Dome" is absolutely horrible.

My Mom and Dad called from Canada to say, Congratulations!

Cheers Mr President! You represent hope.

Obama needs to bring a dog of the people to the White House. A good, solid, wonderful mutt!

You have earned the new puppy that is coming to us to the White House. :)

That is the biggest podium EVER!

I raise my glass to you Mr President.

I'm reeling just a bit. President, House, Senate...

McCain is Grateful to Palin???? Oh my...

McCain up. Is he going to concede?

My daughter just said, "I bet John McCain is sad tonight. And the people who voted for him."

And our bottle of Champagne is open.

VA goes Dem -- 220 for Obama. With CA, that is 277!

We've got an emerging political junkie. My 8 year old is back out on the couch snoozing. She wants to know how the political race is coming

I had planned to blog some tonight on the Drupal Recipe series I've been putting effort into. Looks unlikely now. It'll wait until tomorrow.

Looks like the Dems will likely not take 60 in the Senate.

CNN's virtual capital is pretty cool.

NPR's site is down! On election night!

My daughter has been watching the returns with interest--but the sweet siren song of Sabrina the Teenage Witch called.

CNN just made a pretty convincing argument that at very best McCain can get to 266. He would have to win CA, OR, or WA to get to 270.

Obama winning Ohio is very very good news for the Democrats.

Watching the returns and drinking a Fat Tire out of a metal can.

Karl Rove's prediction - Obama landslide 338-200 electoral college votes.

It is election day! To my American friends, GO VOTE!


Monday, November 03, 2008

Watching "True Blood".

Part II of the Rapid Drupal Website Recipe.

My use of twitter is changing somewhat. The vast majority of my messages are to the general world, but an increasing number are private. has been up for a total of two days. Google has it in the top search for adopt + trauma and adoption + trauma. Go Drupal!

Morning folks. With standard time back, I'm waking up to just a touch of light in the sky. This means I'll be driving home in dark 2night.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Spore is hypnotic but I must tear myself away and head to bed.

Watching "The Amazing Race" and loading up "Spore" on my laptop.

Want to build a Drupal site easily? New Blog Post - A Quick and Simple Drupal Recipe Part I

Just got home from pet store (hamster food), toy store (Spore), and book store (NP forms on CD, 5280, and Newspaper). Now to yard work.

New Blog Post - Trauma Triggers -

So, today is the day you fall back (if you are a fall back kind of place). Happy extra hour of sleep--except my kid's clock isn't reset yet.

I think it is time to hit the sack. Night!

It was a productive day. Glad we got out the door in time for National Adoption Awareness Month.

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