Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chicken Meatball Lasagna for dinner tonight and sauteed kale given to us in exchange for tomatoes.

Delving into the latest version of Panels. #drupal

Friday, September 11, 2009

Back in touch with an old friend from HS. His pictures match my own in aging - but it seems weird to see his younger bro in the same state.

Worried about "Canadian Style Health Care"? DON'T - My nephew is fine. #healthcare

Worried about "Canadian Style Health Care"? DON'T - My nephew is fine. #healthcare

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hoping to finish up the #drupal based art gallery I've been working on over the weekend. We'll see what the days bring me. For now, sleep.

Just finished watching the first season of "Being Human" - really enjoyed it. Hoping BBC America picks up the second season. #supernatural Most of Chris Heuer's Keynote at #drupalconparis #drupal

At the Dentist with my daughter.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Talking about 3d cad, licenses, Drupal, and Windows. #drupal

The DBUG evening has begun! #drupal

Remember, tonight is DBUG in Boulder! A pretty open schedule this evening. #drupal @pingv

I believe it is time to hit the sack. Night everybody.

New set of videos up from #drupalconparis - What Modules to Use with @knaddison @benswords & @beeradb - #drupal

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Actually in SecondLife for the first time in MONTHS. Lots of old friends here right now!

Oh my gosh, the amount of spammy filth that got by Mollom on the commons is disheartening.

Moderating on TechSoup forums and reviewing spam queues on the #nonprofit

Monday, September 07, 2009 More #drupalconparis video - Mark Boulton's session on grid design. #drupal

Fighting jet lag - so tired.

Broiling up little steaks, fresh bread baked, tomatoes from the garden, plus amazing sweet fresh corn. #labourday

I have come to the conclusion that #WOOPRA is Analytics for OCD. I'm sitting here watching folks pop on and off of in real-time.

Making bread.

Uploading Boulton's excellent session on grid design from #drupalconparis to YouTube.

Next of the video I took at #drupalconparis - The Economist - are up. #drupal

Anybody have a situation where a video has been uploaded to for quite a time (hours) and you still don't have an embed code yet?

Uploading Stump the Chump vids from #drupalconparis

Slept for roughly 10 hours and I'm now up to enjoy Labour Day starting with the Economist vids from #drupalconparis that I took.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

#drupalconparis - success or failure? A comment on my site disagrees with my assessment it was overall positive.

Starting to upload more #drupalconparis videos to I'll likely need to leave them loading overnight.

At home, in my pajamas, drinking seltzer, eating salami, watching the Jetsons

The bag came quickly. On my way to the car.

Please bag, come out quickly!

Back in Denver!

On my last leg of the trip. The plane is small. Thank goodness for netbooks.

Cool, my best friend from high school-who I had totally lost track of-found me on FB

15 minutes until we board! So psyched. Having data again rocks as well! I missed on-the-go tweets and updates. Not to mention no GPS.

Flight boards in about 40 minutes. Think I'll go find something I can eat for dinner on the plane. My internal clock is all jacked up.

Charging up my laptop in Philly - I'm at 93% charge with 1 hr 15 min to go. Why was it when I was at 85% I only had 40 min to go?

My notes on Roel De Meester's presentation of Aegir at #DrupalconParis: Some random post #drupalconparis thoughts.

Earlier flight not in the cards. I get a 3 hour layover in Philly after 1 hour from the flat, two hours at CDG. This is a long day. #tired

Down in Philly.

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