Monday, September 05, 2005

Kate Bush Album Announced!

From SpinCDs

Kate Bush - 'Ariel' (Double Album)
EMI Records have announced details of the new album by Kate Bush, her first since 'The Red Shoes' in 1993. The double album, 'Ariel', will be released worldwide on 7 November. The album is produced by Kate Bush. Price and more soon.

Woo Hoo!

Bush wants Roberts as the Chief Justice

It seems that the President truly does want a war with the Democrats. This choice is a powerkeg. If he doesn't nominate a true moderate to fill the additional vacancy I'm afraid that all necessary business in the Senate and House will be ground to a halt. The Dems are likely to use any vestige of power and influence they have--even if it means stymying everything else.

This is so very depressing and it should be for both liberals and conservatives alike. This is the worst choice the President could have possibly made. He is allowing his personal loyalties get in the way of what would be best for the country. I wouldn't expect less given his actions with Bolton and the UN.

CNN Coverage

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Justice Rehnquist Passed on Yesterday

This means that President Bush has another spot to fill on the Supreme Court. If he chooses a candidate that leans heavily to the right, we are in for one contentious upcoming session.

CNN Coverage

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