Saturday, August 28, 2010

My clock says it is 8:50 in the evening but my body is screaming at me to go to bed because it is really 4:50 in the morning. #jetlag

Back in Denver. Will be good to sleep in my own bed.

Wowsers. Just exhausted my international data plan on th iPad minutes before we board for the US. #greattiming

Good news, I arrive early on an alternate carrier. Bad news, what a horrible seat on the plane. #goinghome

Wonderful. My flight to LHR is cancelled. In queue to figure out a solution. I just want to go home! #cph #drupalcon

Friday, August 27, 2010

OH: "I couldn't get over the idea of cheese for breakfast, but once I did I really liked it." said about 8 times in a row #cph #REALLY?

Last morning in CPH-sitting eat a little breakfast and drinking coffee while answering email to folks back home where it is still yesterday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OH: I had the wettest transatlantic flight ever. #drupalcon

Here comes the intro of Morten and Isabelle. #drupalcon

Session is being broadcast live. #drupalcon

Final session at Drupalcon.

Performance is all about peaks. #drupalcon

In the performance session at #drupalcon

Microformats - design for humans first, machines second. #drupalcon

Mozilla Foundation has a manifesto. # drupalcon

HTML 5 must degrade gracefully. #drupalcon

Pave the Cowpaths - look where the problems are and solve for those problem. #drupalcon

HTML 5 is pragmatic. #drupalcon

WHATWG started on HTML5 in 2004 - WC3 started in 2007. They combined specifications. #drupalcon

Browsers must follow Postel's law. Be conservative what you send, liberal what you accept. #drupalcon

XHTML 1.1 you must serve as XML. IE at the time couldn't handle it. It won't parse if there is a single error. #failure #drupalcon

Jeremy Keith is a funny speaker. Uses Marx, Asimov, Jesus, and declaration of independence to describe design principles.

At the HTML5 keynote. #drupalcon

#acquia is providing SOS starting at the low low price of free. #drupalcon

#acquia plans on providing a marketplace for themes and templates. #drupalcon

At Dries' session. #drupalcon #cph

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nothing will speed your Drupal site more than installing an opcode cache. #drupalcon #cph #keynote

Google page rank is affected by performance. Two sites that would have the same page rank will be differentiated by speed. #drupalcon #cph

At day 2 keynote #drupalcon #cph #php

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Up and getting ready for another day at #drupalcon cph. I need double A batteries, but corner stores seem surprisingly closed in the morning.

Drupalcon Keynote Comments Cause Kerfuffle - #drupal #drupalcon #kerfuffle

I just spent $8.52 USD on triple shot latte at #drupalcon #cph - why did you take our coffee pots away?!

Dries indicates that in 2020 druplicon will have a sex tape scandal. #drupalcon

Turner broadcasting is starting to standardise on Drupal. #drupalcon

Capgemini started promoting Drupal. 95000 employees. #drupalcon

Flickr photos should be tagged Drupalconcph for #drupalcon

At the welcome session. #drupal #cph

Sitting in Ryan's Drupal Commerce demo. #drupalcon #cph

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grabbing a little breakfast of bread, cheese and fruit before starting the bike ride to Bella Centre. #cph #drupalcon

Jetlag reared it's ugly head last night making it very difficult to get to sleep before 3:30 am. I am officially tired. #cph #drupalcon

Irritated with myself. Dropped an envelope with Danish kroner last night. Not huge amount of money, but enough to be aggravating.

At the Apollo Brewery having dinner with @ultimateboy -- hmmmmm craft beer. #cph #drupalcon

Looking outside at the rain coming down and trying to decide if I want to ride for 20 minutes back to the hotel. #cph #drupalcon

New Blog post on - Fear - #fostadopt

Fabulous bike ride from downtown CPH to Bella Center with @ultimateboy - bike in this town is the way to go.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free wifi downtown! #cph

At the Axelborg Bodega restaurant having roast pork with crackling, giraf beer, with pickled cukes and cabbage with @ultimateboy #cph #drupalcon

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