Saturday, September 05, 2009

Great week of #Drupal learning at #drupalconparis event. As always, a pleasure sharing a flat with the @pingv crew. Love you guys!

Unable to sleep so spent the last hour cleaning up the flat we have had in Paris for the #drupalcon

Just chatted with my wife on FB using iPhone app. Feeling calmed enough to try and #sleep again.

Lying in bed completely unable to sleep. Flight for the US leaves in 7 hours. #insomnia

Packing up after a long week in Paris at #drupalcon. Got to go up the Eiffel Tower today and ate a chocolate crepe. #delicious

Dinner of sushi with @ultimateboy and Tammy. Now off to go up the tower-the last of my touristy things for this trip.

Friday, September 04, 2009

At the closing ceremonies of #Drupalcon - sprints happen tomorrow. It was a good one.

Standing together with other Drupalers to get the group shot. #drupalcon

Just topped up my truphone VoIP account and called to verify account information with one of my service providers back in the US. #cooltech

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I just posted the video I took from Dries' Keynote yesterday at #drupalcon. Want to watch?

About to head out the door for #drupalcon. Had smoked salmon, cheese, bread and coffee. #greatmorning

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I have almost finished uploading the videos from Dries' #drupalconparis keynote last night! Drupalcon SF April 18-20th 2010. You can preregister.

"Aegir is just a bunch of Linux Scripts + Drupal" Perhaps so, but it seems really really cool. #drupalcon #aegir

Sitting in the Aegir presentation at #drupalconparis. The room is rather hot but Aegir is pretty cool

Open Atrium vid of presentation by Cairns and Tucker cut by @lauras and uploaded today. Embed now at #openatrium The first of my Paris photos from #drupalconparis - many city candids but soon I'll add conference photos as well.

Sitting in the Drupal 101 session at #drupalconparis while moving keynote video over to my laptop.

The keynote is about to begin, the hall is filling up, looking forward to seeing Dries speak. I'm taking video! #drupalconparis

Back at #Drupalconparis, getting ready to head into Dries' keynote. Get your seats early! There isn't enough seating space for all 800 souls

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 CHX at #drupalconparis with his keyboard setup. #drupal

This room is warm and its is making me sleepy.

Seems like the #drupalconparis WiFi is having issues...

At the @Acquia Partner session at #drupalconparis - the conference has officially begun for me.

If you are a meat eater, get the steak and fries at #drupalconparis they cooked them medium rare and the grilled tomato is delicious.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Have had supremely unpredictable Internet access since arriving in Paris. So difficult to connect with my family in real time. #frustrated

Went to the Louvre today. Now headed to the park by the Eiffel tower to eat bread and cheese.

New blog post on - working with your child's teacher - #fostadopt

New Blog Post - Drupalcon T-2 days - #drupalconparis

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Struggling through my last hour or two of staying awake to push my body to GMT +1 as quickly as possible. I'm at 31 hours of no sleep!

Sitting in a McDonalds using my little netbook to get online. @pingV internet isn't working at the official @pingV flat in Paris yet. Le sigh. #drupalcon

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