Friday, March 23, 2012

Well, thank you immune system for holding out until tonight. Achey - 101.4 F fever - sore throat. This really MIGHT be #drupalflu #drupalcon

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Backstage at the convention center for the final plenary #Drupalcon

One thumb, One eyeball is a constraint. We need to design with the idea that users are distracted. #drupalcon

Turns out that 84% of folks use smart phones. 39% folks admit to using smartphones in the bathroom - 61% are then liars. #drupalcon

IT IS NOT just about applications. The Web is huge on mobile. Think about this before building an app. #drupalcon

Mobile Web vs App - 426 million Facebook users are on the mobile web. 50% are on app and 50% on Mobile Web. #drupalcon

There is a trend of MORE ON MOBILE than on desktop. You have the Internet in your pocket all the time. #drupalcon

in 2009 50% of new connections were from Mobile devices. #drupalcon

There are about 6 billion mobile connections today. #drupalcon

mobile devices are becoming the personal computer we were promised. #drupalcon

1.5 million mobile devices enter the world each day compared to ~370K babies #drupalcon

Just finished introducing Luke Wroblewski for his keynote with @vordude #drupalcon

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

at Dave's Core Convo. #drupalcon

@techgeekgirl is on the stage with #baker asking questions. #drupalcon

Am I in the way because I have never done a thing before and resist? Challenge yourself to NOT. #drupalcon

#Baker says, Embrace the "new"/change. Change is coming whether we like or not. #drupalcon

Baker is now discussing "outlook" - you need to be willing to embrace change. She indicates that change is not easy. #drupalcon

#Baker reflects our #drupal values. What you DO matters. A community helps each other. Your voice is IMPORTANT. #drupalcon #resonateswithme

Independent voices of community is fundamental to open source. There are many communities that Baker discusses. #drupalcon

What are the building blocks to make a truly decentralised life? Baker believes we will see this emerge from all over the place. #drupalcon

What about those that aren't programmers or developers? "Webmakers" are journalists, film makers right now - good way to leverage openness.

The Web Apps initiative to bring things that people like about apps with the freedom and innovation that have been great on web. #drupalcon

... they are often closed and only work with one company. #drupalcon

OPEN Web Apps - are important to Mozilla. Mobile has a different style of application - and they are useful. But... #drupalcon

There is a #drupal module for Mozilla Persona. #drupalcon

Mozilla PERSONA. Two clicks to log in. Choose an email address and sign in. #drupalcon

One of the building blocks that Mozilla didn't want to be tied to one company is your online identity. #drupalcon

Baker doesn't think of video as being "flash" - it is something that can execute and run time in a web page. #drupalcon

Many different assets that could be executed and would look and feel like "video". #drupalcon

#mozilla has started working with other groups like telefonica to make it possible. The whole STACK is needed for it to work. #drupalcon

boot2gecko - an OPEN web device. Uses Linux Kernel and then the Web on top of it. There are no other layers. It is JUST the Web. #drupalcon

The Web is already a platform with technologies, knowledge, reach, cross devices. #drupalcon #bakernote

Mozilla has an offering for the Mobile Space. "The WEB is the platform". #drupalcon

Mozilla has LOTS of legal orgs because they work around the world. It is a work-around so they can work with who they want. #drupalcon

Mozilla has a program for non-programmers to experience Internet Freedom. #drupalcon

The business side baffles non profits. The non profit side baffles business. However, both are central to the Mozilla mission. #drupalcon

Mozilla is a GIANT nonprofit money-wise but small vs Microsoft, Facebook, Google etc. #drupalcon

Mozilla's mission is to enable freedom. Through consumer products. Webmakers are the second - journalism film learners #drupalcon

freedom MEANS the ability to create/participate - this is the precursor to Internet Freedom. #drupalcon

consumption vs creation. "Free as in Beer" as opposed to "Free as in Freedom" #drupalcon

The Web - "a set of building blocks that anybody can use to invent, build, connect and bend" #drupalcon

At the Mitchell Baker keynote #drupalcon

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Watching @cyberswat talking about #devops in the lightening talk. #drupalcon

At @add1sun's lightening talk about training. #drupalcon

I'm at @marcingy's presentation on Services Module. #drupalcon

Driesnote, done. #drupalcon and the GROUP PHOTO

Dries TEASE - no iPad under my chair. #drupalcon

Dries suggests that we should maintain SDKs #drupalcon

Drupal 8 should focus on developers, site visitors, and authors #drupalcon

We are in the 5th Major Technology Cycle - MOBILE #drupalcon

3rd Weakness - a SMALL Drupal talent pool. #drupalcon

AGING web development framework, another weakness. #drupalcon

WEAKNESSES - Rudimentary authoring. #drupalcon

Drupal Strengths - COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY #drupalcon

Drupal Weaknesses - "Talent Starvation" and mobile. #drupalcon

Drupal and innovation. #drupalcon

Drupal 6 is in decline and Drupal 5 is "on its way out" Drupal 8 is in development phase. #drupalcon

Drupal 6 is in decline and Drupal 5 is "on its way out" Drupal 8 is in development phase. #drupalcon

Drupal 7 has JUST met the Maturity phase. #drupalcon

Winning the hearts and minds - Dries is talking about soundproof underwear and beard scarfs and noodles. #drupalcon

Dries IS OUT! #driesnote #drupalcon

@jredding is on stage now. Talking about the University of Oregon. #drupalcon

TRUFFLE BOF? Hmmmmm chocolate. #drupalcon

Lindsay and Ben are ON STAGE. #drupalcon

Monday, March 19, 2012

Headed down town for #Drupalcon - need to check into the office, then headed to convention centre to set up table. Epic Denver. #drupal

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My first photos from #Drupalcon Denver - these first few are from the New Belgium Brewery yesterday. #drupal

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