Saturday, December 20, 2008

1 cooktop removed and the counter demoed, 1 dryer fixed, 1 storage room cleaned up, 1 tree up, 1 back patio tidied...what a day.

#DIA 26 passengers on the plane have been taken to hospitals in Metro Denver.

#DIA The fire on the plane is confirmed to be out.

Looks like they scraped my own content and inserted the link and submitted it. Mollom didn't catch them.

Busy cleaning up spam. got seriously spammed this evening. Spammers posted what look to be real comments with a single spam link

#DIA All west side runways are closed. East side runways are still operating.

Plane smoking and ran ran off runway in Denver. 33 people treated for injuries. Fire has been extinguished. Back strain and broken bones.

Off to lunch. I think Mexican.

Demo where the new range is going to go is largely done. Need to borrow a sawsall to finish up. Dryer fixed too.

Daughter is watching Ratatouille on Instant Netflix on the TiVo. We're starting to use it a bit. I watched Alien 3 just a few nights ago.

Time to have tea and get dressed. We could have a Sears repairman here in 15 minutes!

Caught up on a little tv this evening, but I think it is time for bed. We have a dryer repair man and an electrician coming in tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What do you think about trackbacks? How do you handle trackback spam on your blog? Is there a good trackback spam solution for Drupal?

Thinking about trackbacks and SEO.

"RIAA finds its soul, will stop suing individuals downloading music"

Working on a project scope for a client.

Right, time to make tea and get ready for the day. I'm hoping to finish up a post on trackbacks when blogging this evening.

Morning everybody! It is a balmy 25F -4C and we're supposed to get up to 45F 7C today in Westminster, CO! It is like a heat wave.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

All right everybody. Time for me to head off to dreamland. See you in the morning. - Seems like a scam.

No Christmas surprise for me this year from my spouse! My wife and I bought a new fridge for each other. It arrives on Tuesday.

Time to wrap up-head to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day, once again, culminating our starting the demo of part of the kitchen for a new range.

1877 spam attempts blocked on by Mollom JUST in the last 24 hours. INSANE.

Answering questions on TechSoup's forums. Posting a blog post on and thinking seriously about turning in early.

This morning in Westminster, CO it is 15F or -9C. Cold, but not as horribly cold as it has been. We're supposed to get to 40F/4C today.

Waking up, making tea, and getting clothes together. Today is going to be another very full and busy day at work I think.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feeling beat. Time for bed.

Now we're thinking about a new fridge as our Christmas gift to each other.

Just bought a new range, now we need an electrician to take care of putting in a new box for the juice. We also got a microwave hood. eek! $

Wrapping up my day at the office. It was very productive with new projects starting to ramp up. I'm excited.

Thinking about @janimyriam Sending LOTS of positive thoughts in your direction!

Feeling a little droopy. Working through a client estimate. Drinking a spot of tea.

On my way to work.

Ah, kettle just popped. Time to make tea and get on with the day.

Morning all. I'm waking up to 17F -8C this morning in Westminster, CO. Quite a bit warmer than it has been, but still pretty cold.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think its time to head to bed. Night all.

In the past 47 days Mollom has blocked 13318 spam attempts on with over 1300 just today. Spammers suck.

Added a book to - Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families With Special-Needs Kids

Added a book to - Parenting the Hurt Child : Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow

Catching up on the TechSoup forums-answering a few questions, updating my profile. I like the new system.

Busy day. I find myself packing up two RFPs to review tonight. Finishing up my time card and heading home to my family.

Leftovers sometimes make good lunches. My belly is full and I feel like I can get back down to work. I think a cup of tea sounds good.

Morning! It is a chilly 2F -17C outside in Westminster, CO right now. Marginally warmer than yesterday, but still pretty darn cold.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I think it is time to go to bed. Night all.

Wow! It has warmed up a little bit here in Westminster, CO. -1F -18C. Today's low was -19F -28C at least at Denver International Airport.

New blog post - Parallels Rocks -

Time to pack up and head home. Tonight is a writing night I think.

Finishing up my day - getting my time card squared away.

For simple Windows work on a Mac, Parallels knocks Bootcamp to its knees. That is, if you need to be looking at both OSes at the same time.

Lunch consumed, so back to work with a nice cup of tea.

If you are a foster or adoptive parent of a child of trauma, does your child have trigger events? How do they manifest?

Already noon! I had best heat up my lunch in the microwave and get some nourishment.

Finally in Boulder. What a ridiculous commute. In the office soon.

Morning all. -9F -23C here in Westminster CO this morning. Crazy cold.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow, my 3000th tweet on Twitter. I started using Twitter Apr 25th, 2007 just to see what it was and what it could do for work.

Nice! Techsoup have new forums set up. Official launch is tomorrow, but get a sneak peek!

Just caught up on Stargate Atlantis. Just a few episodes left until the series is over.

It is very cold here in Westminster CO. -4F -20C.

Listening to Handel's Messiah while cleaning up the kitchen.

Prince Caspian is an enjoyable film. Now, time for bed. Night all.

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