Friday, December 15, 2006


I've been adding new modules to an instance of Drupal we're working with where I work. Organic Groups allows you to essentially set up private sub-sites within an existing site. It can even have its own them (look and feel). PingVision--a company we're pretty interested in right now--mentioned it in a recent meeting. It is potentially a powerful tool in mananging projects from different clients in a single environment. Coupled with Project and some of Project's add on modules, you effectively have a bug management and project management tool.

I continue to marvel at what a versatile tool Drupal is.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Flickr, Views, and Stock Photography


I have no idea of how many images have been captured on Flickr. Suffice it to say the numbers have to be insanely large.

Getting Views...I recently started submitting images to different groups. In a very short time, my views had more than doubled. Makes sense because when you participate in a topical way, those interested in the same topic will tend to cluster. it dead?...I don't think the world of stock photography is quite dead. Still, it seems that with the vast number of photographs on Flickr, many running under a CC license, it seems to me that the stock industry has be troubled. Where the stock industry has an advanage is in the overall quality of work as a percentage. If you look at *most* of the images on Flickr and they are mediocre at best. Designers ARE surfing Flickr as a free stock photography service.

One of my Flickr Images was "Ho Ho Ho Hat"ed


While eating lunch, I decided to browse any comments left on Flickr. I had submitted the the Sydney Observatory Tower to the "Urban Fragments" group last night:


It was invited into the "Ho Ho Ho Hat" group with a note on it. It is worth popping over to Flickr to look. It made me laugh.

Ho Ho Ho! Click on Me!

This is one more way that Web 2.0 works. Someone posts an offering and another then modifies the offering to create something interesting and a little different. I embrace this kind of spontaneous collaboration. Thanks for the laugh searmid!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rumour Mill at Apple


Apple Gazette is reporting that Apple is replacing Aqua with a new skin called Illuminous. Apparently the new look will be unveiled at Macworld 2007. Given the copied look and feel by Vista it is no wonder that Apple is thinking about updating the look. Related, it appears, that Microsoft quickly replaced a copied icon.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Broken Wrist


Paula's Uncle Donald broke his wrist recently. In the same spirit of Paula's ankle break, he chose to camera phone his x-rays and pins prior to the permanent cast being put on.

Donald's Pins

Donald's Xray

Jeff's Virtual Cocktail Party


I just got tagged by my brother Alec in a game of blogger tag, via Jeff Pulver.

Many bloggers are known by their blogs. That "knowledge" might be wide, but tends to NOT be deep.

So the game works like this, publish five little known facts about yourself, and then tag five of your blogger pals to participate.

1) I worked in a beer and wine shop called Vintage Cellar. It was my first job after applying for a green card and the first job I could hold outside of my work with Virginia Tech. I walked in and just asked if they were hiring--and they were. Prior to working a Vintage Cellar I had dabbled with home-brewing (which is the reason they hired me). I learned a prodigious amount about wine from Randall. While working at Vintage Cellar, I became a Belgian Beer aficiando--which eventually helped my wife and I decide to take a trip to Belgium.

2) I fell into Technology by accident. My undergraduate was in Studio Art from Bishop's University in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. I entered the University on two Scholarships and graduated as a University Scholar. I also completed a minor in Theatre in which I focused on technical theatre--mostly lighting design. After that, I worked in a bookstore ultimately managing one of the stores in the chain. I completed a certificate in Arts Adminstration at the University of Ottawa while doing lighting gigs. I worked for Le Groupe Dance Lab for the summer working mostly on a program called "The Edge", a wacky trade show that included a video link between several Canadian Cities. Several dance companies created a piece of work together in real time using the link. This was back in 1995. This experience blew me away and I ended up working mostly on tech for my thesis work at Virgina Tech.

3) I met my wife online at a place called LambdaMOO. She and I ended up talking almost every night for nine months before we met. She was living in Boulder, Colorado at the time. I was living in Ottawa, Ontario.

4) I love to cook. I think I probably got the bug from my mother. I consider cooking for people a way of telling them how much I love them. I enjoy experimenting with new foods/techniques. In fact, I started cooking for my self when I was quite young due to the large number of food allergies I have.

5) I am a cancer survivor of six years.

Beth Kanter, Kris Krug, Len Edgerly, Roland Tanglo, Darren Barefoot--tag, you're it!

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